Phi Phi Dive Sites - Koh Bidah Nok

Depth: 0-30m

Current: Mild-Moderate

Experience: Beginner

Kon Bida Nok is characterised by steep precipies, caves, swim throughs and underwater crags. There is a small underwater bay at the southern side of the Island made up of a reef slope and rocky floor that starts at 6m and ends in a sandy bottom at 20m. a vertical swim through on the southwestside of the island, not to be missed.

One side of this island offers shallow hard coral reef and on the other side the more experienced divers will find a wall with soft coral down to 30 meters. Features lots of marine life like Leopard sharks, Turtles, Morey Eels, Lion fish and Pipe fish. There is always a chance for Manta Rays and Whales sharks and this is a dive not to be missed.

Honeycomb Moray

Pipe Fish