Koh Surin Dive Sites - Koh Tachai

Koh Tachai lies 22 nautical miles south of Surin. It has a magnificent white sandy beach which houses the marine park rangers.

The dive site is located around 200 meters south of the islands and is marked with a buoy line which descends down to 16 meters to reach the top of the plateau. Be prepared for a strong current here and do not hesitate to stay close to the mooring as this very often has the best fish life on the reef.

Current manageable: which way to go - North or South? North takes you over the plateau to the beautiful coral garden at around 22 meters to 26 meters with some of the best soft corals and sea fans in the area, which will keep underwater photographers busy. South takes you down over the large boulders to between 36 meters and 40 meters to reach the sandy bottom looking for the docile leopard shark and large stingrays.

Up above schooling great barracudas with tunas and trevally’s darting down to catch the baitfish hanging around the reef. With a multitude of small creatures to look at try not to forget a look into the blue to see the manta rays gliding past and the occasional whale shark make Koh Tachai a spectacular dive site.

Koh tachai is only usually visited by liveaboards due to the distance from the mainland and often used as a stop over on the way to and back from Richelieu Rock.

Koh Tachai

Baitfsh Schooling