Koh Surin Dive Sites - Richelieu Rock

Richelieu Rock is one of the most amazing dives sites we’ve ever done in our entire lives. Located 9 miles east of the Surin Islands, this rock comes out of the water approximately 1 meter during low tide. Diving around this pinnacle is something not to miss. There are schools of Barracudas and Big-Eye Travelies, so many of them you can’t see your buddy anymore. Schools of Batfish, Sergeant Majors, Long Nose Emperors, Snappers, Rainbow Runners and Cobias are always around.

You also find big Potato Cod, Marble Rays and, during the last two seasons on the north and west side, about 200 Blue Spotted Stingrays were lying on the sand. The best are the White-Spotted Shovelnose Rays and the Whale Sharks, a rare site in any other part of the world, but a very common here. During last season we saw Whale Sharks while scuba diving on every trip from the end of January to beginning of May and on four different occasions two swimming together!

Richelieu Rock

Potato Cod