Koh Surin Dive Sites - Koh Bon Pinnacle

The dive site is located around 150 meters north west of the island and has no buoy line so location is by GPS. When the captain signals its time to jump into the blue and descend down to the pinnacles. The top is around 18 meters and continues to run down to over 50 meters to the sand bottom, the west wall is steep and has a large cavern with a fish trap near the entrance, with the smaller pinnacle lying to the north. Look in the sand for the chance of leopard sharks, or if you are lucky a white tip reef shark passing by.


These amazing pinnacles are covered with colorful soft coral trees, large gorgonian sea fans and barrel sponges running down the walls. With 5 species of clown fish in the magnificent anemones and their shrimp and porcelain crab hosts its difficult to keep your eyes of the pinnacles but a look out in to the blue can be rewarding with manta rays gliding around and the occasional whale shark. But don’t forget to keep a check on your air supply as its time to head back to the surface and leave these beautiful creatures behind.


This dive is recommended only for advanced divers with experience as it is exposed, so consequently it is only possible to dive here in favourable conditions.

Koh Bon - manta ray

Koh Bon - leopard shark