Scuba Diving Customer Experiences - Tim Sherrill

I just wanted to write to you and give you a big thanks for what you and SCUBA Cat have done for me. In September of 2006 I spent three days on Scuba Cat and received both Enriched Air NITROX and Wreck certifications. While I was on Scuba Cat you encouraged me to buy a dry suit when I got back home to Seattle and spend more time diving. When I left SCUBA Cat my dive log showed 47 dives and I had Advanced Open Water certification with Peak Performance Buoyancy and the NITROX and Wreck specialties from you.

When I returned home I went to the dive shop I had bought most of my gear from, TLSea Diving and they happened to have a sale going on Dry Suits. So I purchased one and took the Dry Suit specialty course.

Tim Sherrill

Just after purchasing the dry suit the TLSea had a trip to Nanaimo, British Colombia to dive on the Cape Briton and Saskatchewan wrecks. While on the trip I was asked if I wanted to join the TLSea's Divemaster program. After looking at the diving skills of the divemasters and instructors I have dove with how could I say no.

What a change this has brought to my life. Less than a year later I now have 149 dives in my log book, rescue diver certification, along with Deep, Drift, Dry Suit, and Night specialties, Master Scuba Diver certification and have just been signed off as a PADI Divemaster.

Part of the TLSea Diving Divemaster program requires assisting with 5 open water classes, in this last class my daughter was one of the students so I now have my own dive buddy daughter and I am starting an Open Water Scuba Instructor course in just a few weeks.

Sarah the slogan for TLSea Diving is "we will change your life" while they have changed my life but it is only because I took some very sound advice from you. I hope to return to Thailand soon and do some more diving with you and SCUBA Cat.

Thank you very much

Tim Sherrill

Tim Sherrill Wetsuit