Racha Noi Dive Sites - South Pinnacle

Depth: 5-40m

Current: Strong-Very Strong

Experience: Advanced

The site is also known as South Tip.

This is no doubt one of the best dives in Thailand. Situated approximately 150 metres off the southern end of the island this is undoubtedly one of the best dives on the island. This pinnacle rises up 12m and has scenery is very similar to the Similan Islands: huge boulders and drop offs to 40m plus. This dive site is all about landscapes with interesting boulder formations twisting and turning and forming large rock faces underwater covered in soft corals and giant sea fans.

This huge underwater pinnacle is completely covered by colorful soft coral, huge sea fans and the surrounding marine life is just unbelievable. On the top of the reef lots of Moray Eels, Lion fish, Scorpion fish and other schooling fish.

On deeper parts sharks and big stingrays are often seen. The south of Koh Racha Noi experiences some of the strongest currents in the Andaman Sea and is therefore popular for manta rays and eagle rays in January and February. This dive sites is only for advanced divers due to the strong current. Extreme currents make this dive suitable only for the more experienced divers and during full moon and new moon the site is not accessible at all due to the strong currents present at that time.

Known for it's bigger fishes regular visitors include a large school of black fin barracuda, giant trevally and napoleon wrasse. It's another of those sites where the fish are darting about in the current and you feel anything might show up.

Soft Coral

Sea Fan