Andaman Sea Dive Sites - Koh Ha

Koh Ha is a group of five small islands ("Ha" means five in Thai) approximately 30nm southeast of Phuket.These tiny islands, separated by channels over 50 meters deep, jut straight out of the Andaman Sea However, unlike at Phi Phi, the water here is very clear and visibility usually exceeds 20-30 meters.


The highlight of diving here are two caves or caverns on the largest of the islands, called Ko Ha Yai ("Yai" means big in Thai). They are safe to enter because the entrances are large and there is only one way in and out. The best part of diving in these caves is that you can surface inside the island to look at rock formations hanging down from the ceiling well above with the light filtering through the water from the entrance.


Compared with most "dive centers" in Thailand (a lot of them is just a website - a "Virtual Dive Company") - Scuba Cat owns their own fleet of diving boats and have been in operation since 1994. If you do a Course or a Dive Career Package with us, all your dives will be from one of our own dive boats, not "we got to do a beach dive, 'cause it is not enough students" or from a "last minute rented long tail boat, 'cause all the other boats are full".

Hawksbill Turtle

Black Tip Shark