Andaman Sea Dive Sites - Koh Doc Mai

This small island is located on the way to Shark Point from Phuket and is considered one of the best wall dives in the area. Koh Dok Mai ( meaning ‘Flower Island’ in Thai ) is a huge limestone rock that rises steeply out of the sea and plunges straight down to the sea floor at 30m on the northern and southern tips.

Generally the dive is started on the east side drifting with the current, where divers follow a vertical wall covered in clam, hards corals and huge sea fans. There are two caves located on this side which offer a fantastic cavern view from just a couple of meters in. For macro lovers Koh Doc Mai is probably the best Thailand has to offer.

Look out for Cleaner Shrimps, Seahorses, Ornate Ghostpipefish, endless Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs, Frogfish and juvenile White-Eyed Moray Eels. Bearded Scorpionfish, Banded Sea Snake, Common Lionfish, Forsters and Chevron Barracudas are common residents here. The west side is a gently sloping hard coral reef with an abundance of colorful marine life decorating its underwater cliffs and the dive is usually ended here where currents are not present.

Koh Doc Mai


Frog Fish