Phi Phi Dive Sites - Maya Bay Corner

Depth: 5-20m

Current: Mild

Experience: Beginner

On the west side of Koh Phi Phi Leh is Maya Bay, made famous by "The Beach" movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and now Phi Phi's most popular snorkelling destination.

Good site for beginners due to its shallow depth and mild currents. Featuring hard corals and rocks with overhangs and small caverns. Schooling smaller fish is normally seen on this dive.

Used a lot on liveaboards for night dives as it offers a shallow and sheltered site with many strange creatures there.

It has a hard coral reef with rock formations on the north side of the bay.

In the day you get schooling fish and a good chance to see turtles.

At night the site comes alive with many lionfish, scorpion fish and moray eels out hunting. A large variety of crabs, including the well-disguised decorator crab are around as well as spiny and slipper lobster.

File Fishes

Diploastrea Heliopora