Phi Phi Dive Sites - Maya Bay South

Depth: 5-30m

Current: Mild-Moderate

Experience: Advanced

On the west side of the island the dive site ends with the famous Maya beach at the south end inside the bay.


The island walls, so beautiful above the water, are just as stunning below and in many places huge boulders have fallen and fused together to create exciting swim-throughs filled with glassfish. A good dive light is useful for looking into and under rocks in search of critters. This site has mainly hard coral cover which is not as prolific as at other Phi Phi dive sites but is still host to a multitude of reef fish including snappers, wrasse, Banner fish and Moorish idols.


At the north of the site look out for black tip reef sharks patrolling the shallow water, and all along the wall many turtles can be seen.


The wall itself has a shelf at 5m, which then drops off steeply to 22m, many crevices line the wall and there are a few rocky outcrops. Take your time to explore the wall and all holes and you may spot the ghost pipe fish and sea horses which are among it colourful corals.


You may also spot leopard sharks here sleeping in the sandy bottoms and groupers hiding between the rock formations.


Moray Eel Cleaning Station

Lion Fish