DSAT Tec Deep

DSAT Tec Deep

DSAT Tec Deep is the Foundation level of technical diving building theory and practical knowledge in which further education is based upon. You'll learn about advanced Nitrox and the benefits of decompressing on oxygen enrichments above 40% and how the body reacts to high levels of oxygen exposure. You'll cover how important deep stops are and other topics like Calculating gas requirements and oxygen exposure for CNS and Pulmonary levels.


This is a performance based course, You'll be expected to apply self study demonstrating clear understanding and knowledge We will support you and help you through the physical and mental challenges.

Studying the tech deep manual before the course will allow you to develop yourself and give you an indepth understanding of the course.

Practical side of DSAT Tec Deep

The practical side of DSAT Tec Deep teaches you how to dive with twin sets and the use of deco tanks and also how to gas switch safely from your back set while decompressing.

Deploying your SMB will become an art form at depths that will boggle your mind. This course also requires you to master the use of deco software and calculate deep stops during the 12 training dives.

At the end of the course you will be able to comfortably dive to 50meters dealing with any problems that may arise and decompress while gas switching. This course is not for the faint hearted, but the rewards are limitless. We guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Tec Deep

Costs and whats included

DSAT/PADI Tec Deep - 45,000 Baht (7 day course)

Boat trip, Twin set, OMS wing, OMS back plate, Regulators for back set & Deco's, bottom timer & wrist slates, compass & 2x dive knives, Manual & certification. Our Courses include all Equipment, Boat Fee's and Course Materials, with no hidden costs. All you need is your Mask & Fins