DSAT Trimix

DSAT Tec Trimix course is the pinnacle certification for diving to serious depths. The course depth at the end of the course is 75meters, but with more experience and time there are no depth limits!

The Classroom side of DSAT Tec Trimix

Self study is the key to success. The theory teaches you the importance of Helium and how it affects our physiology. Hypoxia comes into play and travel gas is introduced and so logistics of calculating gas consumption and calculating CNS & OTU's becomes more taxing.

The practical side of DSAT Tec Trimix

The practical side demands pin point accuracy when it comes to bouyancy control with up to 4x DECO cylinders. There will be more decompression stops on the dives, which means more time underwater for problems to occur. This course demands mastery of ALL skills, with no exceptions!

The Rewards

You can go where no one else has been before and see things that no one else has seen! Are you up for the challenge?

How much will it cost?

DSAT PADI Trimix Diver - 50,000 Baht (5 days diving - 7 dives - excl. Helium)