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Dri Doc waterproof covers

Posted on July 29th, 2013 by admin-scubacat-dw  |  Comments Off on Dri Doc waterproof covers

Thanks to Nicolas for his experience with the Dri Doc camera bag when he went snorkeling on MV Scuba Fun.

For my first experience with a Dri-Dock Camera cover, I was totally satisfied with its use. Indeed, I could take pictures of very good quality without affecting my practice of snorkeling. It is very easy to use; you will have just very little additional difficulties compared to pictures that you take daily. This is one of the photo’s I took during my snorkeling at Racha Yai Island.

dri doc

You can opening and closing your camera easier with an add lenses protection which allows you waterproof use to a depth of 10 m ideal for shallow diving and all waterborne activities.
Dri-Dock Camera changed my ordinary camera into a waterproof camera in an instant at a very affordable price , much cheaper than buying a Go Pro or a water proof camera, great for underwater photography or taking photos in any wet environment. You can use it in double as a multipurpose waterproof pouch to keep our passport, car keys, Money. It’s an ideal solution for anyone on a vacation or practice of outdoor activity where water, dust or sand are present.

dri doc 2

Scuba Cat stock a full range of the Dri Doc 100% waterproof cases that range in size from ipad to iphone, smartphone, camera covers with and without lens extensions and also waterproof earphones.


dri doc 3