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Two more Events for Patong in April

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The post-Songkran period with the beginning of monsoon season in Phuket generally starts seeing the decline in tourist arrivals. To entice more tourists to visit the islands in this period, TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) office in Phuket has agreed on two major events in Patong: those are Phuket Bike Week 14-21 April and Phuket Gay Pride 22-28 April 2013.

The 19th annual Phuket Bike Week 2013, taking place from 14 -21 April right after the world famous Songkran Festival (Thai New Year) at Patong Beach, is the biggest motorcycle event in Asian. The theme of this year is “ASEAN Ride Together”. It was expected to attract over 5,000 motorcycles with more than 30,000 visitors from 26 countries, bringing more than 600 million baths of revenue to the island. During 8 days 8 nights of the festival, there were so many activities happening in the town, especially at the main stage in Lomar Park on the Patong beach, the highlighted events could be named like Phuket Bike Week 2013 Motorcycle Exhibition & show, Royal Thai Navy show, Grand Opening, Biker Game and Bikers Beach Party, Miss Phuket Bike Week. Preventing Global Warming, Ride for Peace (Patong – Karon – Kata – Promthep Cape), Tattoo Contest and rock music festivals every night.

During the week, Patong inhabitants had chance to view many motorbikes riding in the town and yet perhaps were thrilled by the motorcycle engine sounds. Last weekend, People faced a long traffic jams on the beach road in the evenings when there were a huge load of people visiting the Lomar park to see the exhibitions and rock music performances. Additionally, many bars, pubs and clubs also joined the events and welcome the bikers by decorating the bike theme and especially play rock music at some nights.

As soon as the Phuket Bike Week ended, the colourful Phuket Gay Pride just kicked off on Monday evening. The event will last for one week from 22nd till 28th of April. Phuket Loves You (PLU) club is selected to organise this year’s pride celebration with the theme: SAME SAME NOT DIFFERENT. The 25 events are open to everyone from the Straight to Gay, Transgendered to Undecided. There are not only activities to celebrate the pride for LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered) but also target to raise 1,000,000 baths for charities during the Phuket Pride Week. PLU promised to make this event colourful, eccentric, outrageous, and full of fun. They strongly encourage the local and visitors to watch the Saturday parade and follow till the end at football pitch where there will be a big stage event with International DJ’s, Live show and performances.

Every day, there are things organised to attract the attention of community. PLU aims to make no profit but great fund thus the profits from the activities will fully or partly goes to the charities. Many great activities can be mentioned such as Pre-Pride pool Party at CC Hideaway, 10 pin bowling competition, Gay Quiz night, Pool competition by Kiss Bar &Sundowners, Grand Charity Auction at Backstage, Bachelor Bingo, Volleyball tournament, Mr Gay Fongkaew contest, Sunset beach party, Soi Paradise street party, big stage events and the must-see Grand Parade on Saturday.
Last year, 300,000 baht was raised for Phuket LGBT&HIV charities. This year, with the great supports from more businesses, PLU is excited to reach their target and create more fun for everyone.

“Men are different from women and children are different from adults. But we are all human beings and all deserve to have same rights and be respected in the same way. Therefore, we are “Same same NOT different””.

Festivals in Phuket, Thailand

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Phuket has a long tradition of festivals and many have now become world renowned with tourists planning their holidays around these events. Here are a few of the many festivals that can be enjoyed by all.


Festivals in Phuket Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year falls within the month of January or February. The date changes on a yearly basis as it is depicted by the track changes of the moon. The celebrations are in Phuket Town and last for 2 days, where there are lively multicoloured dragon processions, traditional music and dance. There are also many firecrackers. Throughout Phuket Town Chinese houses are decorated. The living room of each house will have a vase of flowers, platters of oranges and tangerines and a tray of 8 varieties of dried sweet fruit. Entrances of shops and houses are festooned in red banners and decorations to encourage good luck and happiness for the coming year. Red is the colour that symbolizes happiness and it should be worn for a sunny bright future. It is said that appearance and attitude during the New Year sets the tone for the rest of the year. Traditionally, children, unmarried friends and close relatives are given “lai see” which are little red envelopes with money inside to wish good fortune. Food is also an important factor during the New Year celebrations. It is considered that tofu and bean curd are unlucky, so they are avoided. Oranges and tangerines are symbols of abundant happiness and should be taken as a gift if you visit friends or family. It will also ensure a long lasting relationship with the person you are visiting.


Festivals in Phuket

This festival is in memory of the two sisters Khunying Muk and Khunying Chan who led the defense of the Island against the Burmese in 1785. The celebrations include fun fairs and stage performances throughout the week.  There are a variety of food stalls offering mouth watering delights.  The sisters were bestowed the titles of Thao Thep Krasattri and Thao Si Sunthon by King Rama 1. A statue of the sisters was erected at a crossroads near the centre of the Island in recognition of their invaluable service to the country.


Festivals in Phuket Turtle release Fair

This festival coincides with Songkran.  Turtles, both Hawksbill and Green are bred in captivity at the Phuket Aquarium. Once the turtles are mature enough they are released into the sea. The ceremonies are held at Cape Phanwa, Nai-Yang and Mai Khao beaches. The release of the turtles is a program that has been put into place to help preserve the turtle population.

SONGKRAN 13th to 15th April

Festivals on Phuket

Songkran has without a doubt become one of the major tourist attractions, however it is one of the most important of Thai festivals. Traditionally Songkran is a time for visiting family and paying respect to elders including family members, friends, neighbours and monks. It is also a time of cleansing and renewal.  Homes are often given a thorough cleaning. More importantly, it is an opportunity to clean Buddha images from household shrines as well as Buddha images at Temples. This is done by pouring water mixed with Thai fragrance gently over the images. This ritual is believed to bring good luck and prosperity for the coming New Year. The throwing of water is believed to originate as a way to pay respect to people. The “blessed” water that had been poured over the Buddha images is captured and is then gently poured onto the shoulder .

The Songkran festival has evolved into a huge water fight with the emphasis being on fun rather than the spiritual and religious aspects.  People in the streets are doused with ice cold water, which is quiet welcoming as this festival is at the hottest time of the year with temperatures sometimes reaching 40 degrees!!


Festivals on Phuket

This festival is performed bi-annually in May and October at the Sea Gypsy villages in Phuket. Small decorated boats are made which are set adrift by the villagers at night. Prior to the boats being launched into the sea the villagers place small wooden dolls, nail clippings and strands of hair inside. The gypsies also perform the Ram Rong Ngeng, a local dance, around their boats. It is said that this ritual drives away evil spirits and brings good luck. This festival is not attended by many tourists, so it does retain the rustic Thai ambience.


Festivals on Phuket

The Vegetarian festival is an annual event that takes place in Phuket Town during the 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar, so it normally falls late September to early October. The festival began in Kathu in 1825. This district at the time housed most of the migrant Chinese tin miners. There were so many that Chinese, performers came from China to entertain the population. However, during the 9th lunar month Phuket was hit by a fatal epidemic and many lives were lost. After a while it was realized that during the first 9 days of the month no one had paid homage to the 9 Emperor Gods (Kiu Ong lah). A Chinese performer returned to China and invited the Kiu Ong lah to Phuket. During the next year the Phuket Chinese refrained from eating meat, drinking alcohol, sex, quarreling, telling lies and killing. The epidemic stopped and since that day a yearly celebration has taken place.

The Chinese population of Phuket will always wear white during the 10day festival and they will follow a strict vegetarian or vegan diet. It is also a time where sacred rituals are performed at various Chinese Temples and Shrines. One of the highlights of the festival is where people possessed by the Gods parade with various piercings on the body with sharp implements. The participants appear to have no pain or signs of injury. There are also aesthetic displays where people walk over hot coals barefoot and climb ascending ladders with bladed rungs. These entranced devotees are known as “Ma Song”.


Festivals on Phuket

Patong Carnival is an annual event at the beginning of November. This 3 day event marks the beginning of high season and offers a range of activities and street parades. The Beach Road is fringed with food and beverage stalls. This gives tourists and locals a chance to sample a variety of fine cuisine from the various regions of Thailand. There are also a many stalls selling local products which are unique to Thailand.


Festivals on Phuket

Loy Krathong is the most picturesque and beautiful of all the Thai festivals. It is celebrated every November on the evening of the first full moon. This beautiful festival is a festival of lights. Loy means to float and Krathong means leaf cup or bowl. The stunning floats are made of cellulose banana tree trunks and are decorated with flowers, banana leaves, candles, 3 incense sticks and coins. Once the candles and incense sticks are lit a wish should be made before letting the float drift away in the current of the sea, river or canal. It is considered that the flame is longevity, fulfillment of wishes and release from sins. It is also considered to be a romantic night for couples and it is believed that couples who make a wish together are thought to stay together forever.

There are different legends surrounding the origins of this festival. The most popular version is that it is an expression of gratitude to the Goddess of Water, Phra Mae Kongka for providing the people with water for their livelihood.  Some others believe that it originates from Buddhism and that the offering of the krathong is a tribute of respect to the footprint of Lord Buddha on the sandy beach of the Narmaha River in India, as well as to the Great Serpent and dwellers of the underwater realm. The final thought is that it is possibly derived from a Hindu festival that pays tribute to the God Vishnu, who meditates at the centre of the ocean. It is believed that the young Queen Nang Noppamas began the tradition in Sukhothai in the 13th Century. It is an exquisite festival and should not be missed.


Festivals on Phuket

Phuket over the years has become a major venue for the sailing fraternity. The King’s Cup has become Asia’s largest and most popular regatta with the event being held during the first week of December. It was started in 1987 to celebrate the King of Thailand’s 60th birthday. The event is organized by the Royal Varuna Yacht Club in conjunction with Yacht Racing Association of Thailand, The Royal Thai Navy and the Province of Phuket .It has continued to grow on a yearly basis and offers racing of many classes of boats, enabling sailors of all vessels to enjoy the regatta.

Where to spend an evening or two?

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There are several places in Patong that are frequented by Scuba Cat Diving  Instructors and customers. Perhaps you want to come and join us after diving.



Coyote is a perfect place to meet up and have a few sundowners while watching the sunset over Patong Bay.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Evening Entertainment

This popular bar and restaurant is found above Starbucks next to the Ban Thai Hotel. It has a lovely outside area as well as the air conditioned inside.

Coyote serves Mexican and Southwest US cuisine including the ever popular dishes such as quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas, nachos, burgers, ribs and steaks to mention a few.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Mexican Food

The bar is renowned for the extensive list of exotic margaritas, over 75 to choose from. If you want to indulge in fruit juices just ask for a virgin margarita..delicious! Happy hour is offered from 11am to closing time.

The décor is traditional Mexican with many of the artifacts being imported to give the authentic feel. The restaurant can cater for parties.There is also a special VIP room available for private events and parties. There are 2 American pool tables inside. Coyote offers good value, pleasant atmosphere and welcomes families.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Evenings in Patong

The American chef, Matt  is extremely helpful and will cater for people with dietary requirements.



Chicago Steak House is situated above Coyote.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Steakhouse

This luxurious, intimate restaurant with it’s rich mahogany and crimson leather booths offers great value. The restaurant offers finest quality imported lamb and beef. The beef is Australian grain fed dry aged Aberdeen Angus. With every main course there are different styles of potato, gravy and steak sauces to compliment. There is also a fantastic salad bar to accompany the meal.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Steakhouse

The restaurant offers an extensive wine and cocktail list. The food is prepared by an American chef to the highest standard. He also offers a Chef’s special that starts at 295 baht.

Eat and drink whilst listening to the sounds of the big band era. All in all an experience not to missed.



Molly Malones, locally known as Molly’s, has become an institution in Patong being frequented by locals and tourists alike. It opened it’s doors on the Beach Road in Patong in 1999.



The Irish management have imported a huge amount of different beers and stouts including Guiness, Kilkenny, Heinken and Magners cider. The food on offer is traditional pub grub and Thai food. Beware… the portions are large.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand An Evening Out

Mollys is open from 10am till late, but you can buy an early bird breakfast at 99 baht from 9am to 12. The pub has 3 main areas, outside where you can watch the world go by, inside with the air conditioning and large flat screens that broadcast all major sports events and finally the dedicated pool hall.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand An Evening out

One of the main attractions of Mollys is the live music that starts at 10pm every night. The versatile classic rock band has become a legend with an extensive selection of songs from the 70’s to the present day. They will even do requests. Molly Malones is also family friendly and welcomes children.



Scruffy Murphy’s is the sister bar to Molly Malones. It is conveniently situated in the heart of Patong’s night life in Bangla Road.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand An Evening Out

The range of imported beers and stouts including Guiness, Kilkenny and Magners cider reflects the Irishness of the bar. The bar has many flat screens placed around the walls of the pub, which broadcast all the major sporting events from around the world. There is a small seating area outside which faces directly onto Bangla Road, a great place to “people watch”. Scruffy Murphy has an excellent range of pub grub and Thai food. It’s guaranteed that you won’t go hungry as the portions are huge. A 99baht breakfast is also on offer. Scruffys also offer a 99 baht happy hour on draught pints and cocktail specials as well as double vodka red bull everyday at 99 baht. There is a resident band that plays every night from 10pm.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand An Evening Out

This is a great pub with a great atmosphere.

Do’s and Don’ts in Thailand

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A quick guide to some of the Customs in Thailand


Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Do's and Don'ts in Thailand

Thailand is a very patriotic Nation and the Thai national flag will be seen on display just about everywhere in Thailand. It isn’t just government buildings that fly the flag because it will be seen on boats, tuk-tuks, roadside stalls, private businesses and private homes. The flags may sometimes be slightly damaged or faded by exposure to the elements, but they are still a proud symbol.

The meaning of the Flag:

Red = Nation: the stripes represent the blood spilt to maintain Thailand’s independence.

White = Religion: the stripes stand for purity and are the colour of Buddhism, which is the country’s main religion.

Blue = Monarchy, blue is Thailand’s national colour and it represents the Thai monarchy.

Thai Flag History:

The current Thai flag was adopted on September 28, 1917, making it one of the world’s older flags. From the mid-19th century until 1916, Thailand, which was called Siam until 1939, used a red-based flag with a white elephant on it. That flag was replaced in 1916 with a red-white-red-white-red horizontal striped flag, which was modified in 1917, when the blue centre replaced red.

Interesting Facts:

The Thai flag is called Triaranga or Triarong, which literally means ‘tricolor’.

The Thai flag may be seen alone or it may be flown with other flags, which have their own meaning. For instance, the National Flag may be flown alongside a yellow flag with the Royal Insignia. This is the King’s flag with yellow representing the King as he was born on a Monday. Similarly, Queen Sirikit has her own flag, which is blue (she was born on a Friday) with her own individual Royal Insignia.


Be respectful about Buddhism. Dress correctly in Temples. Don’t sit on Buddha images, sit before them with feet pointing backwards. Don’t misuse a Buddha image. Icons should be kept in a place of worship and not used as furniture or ornaments.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Do's and Don'ts in Thailand


Thailand is a Constitutional Monarchy. King Rama IX, HM King Bhumibol and his family are totally revered. You will see images of the Royals everywhere. Always stand when the National Anthem is being played, for example, at the cinema before the film starts. Do not make disparaging remarks about the Royals. There is a strict lese majeste laws and offenses can be punishable by imprisonment.



Monks are commonly seen in Thailand. The majority of males in Thailand would have experienced being a monk at some time in their life. Monks are recognized by their saffron robes. Women should not touch or hand anything directly to a monk. Also a woman should not be alone in the presence of a monk.

 Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Do's and Don'ts in Thailand


Thai people do not shake hands. They will greet you with a Wai, which is a prayer like gesture at chest or head level with head slightly bowed. This gesture is not only used as a greeting but also for respect or for reverence if performed in front of a Buddha image. Respect is demonstrated by the height at which the hands are held and how low the head comes down. It can also be used to express thank you or goodbye. The Wai is not used for children and people junior in age or status will always offer the Wai first. If someone Wai’s you, do not be frightened to respond.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Do's and Don'ts in Thailand


Do not touch a person’s head or ruffle their hair. The head is considered to be the highest and the purest part of the body. Do not touch the head or ruffle hair. Apologize if you accidentally touch somebody’s head.

Feet are considered spiritually as well as physically the lowest part of the body. It is highly disrespectful to point feet at someone or to pick things up with the feet. Do not wave your feet around someone’s head. If you should touch someone accidentally with your foot, apologize. Stepping on Thai currency with the King’s Head or sitting in the temple with feet pointed to a religious icon is considered sacrilegious. Stepping over food is also a huge faux pas!!!


Always remove footwear before entering a house or temple.



Dress respectfully. If visiting Temples then cover up! Topless sunbathing is frowned upon in Thailand.


Eating in Thailand is a social event. It is normal to have several dishes for everyone to try. Once you are full leave a little food on your plate as this signifies that you have finished. If you empty your plate your host will think that you have not eaten enough. Thai’s eat with a fork and spoon, occasionally they will eat noodles with chop sticks. Do not lick your fingers!! If you need to get the waiter/waitresses attention then don’t call them with the fingers of the hand pointing up. This equates to raising the middle finger in Western society. Turn the hand so the fingers are pointing down and beckon.


Thais are non confrontational. Public disputes or criticism are to be avoided at all costs. Raising your voice or loosing your temper will never be constructive in Thailand. Loss of face is a disgrace to a Thai, so they try to avoid confrontation and look for compromises in difficult situations.


Public displays of affection are frowned upon in Thailand.

Whats New at Scuba Cat Diving?

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Scuba Cat Diving was been based on the beach road of Patong for the past 18 years, but this year, things changed.

Scuba Cat Diving  5 * CDC Phuket Thailand

New Locations

A move away from the tuk tuks, tailors, massage parlours and Muay Thai advertisements (yes those of you who have already been to see us will recall “Monday Night, Monday Night……….” )to a new location inside the Kee Plaza, a fantastic hotel and shopping facility 200m off of the Beach Road. This has enabled us to have a larger retail selection, much more selection for our customers to choose from Scubapro, Aqualung and many more.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Kee Plaza Patong

Kee Plaza

We have  kept our classrooms in Soi Watanna but opened a second shop putting retail and booking’s on the ground floor, this has allowed us to have our dive centre at both ends of Patong so is more convenient for you all. Our fun pub has moved to the roof top terrace we created this year.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Soi Watanna Patong

Meet the team

It has been a different 6 months but things are progressing well.

Scuba Cat Diving, 5 * CDC is still under British ownership and management and they have the only female Course Director, Sarah Kench, conducting monthly IDC’s on Phuket. Along side this we are the only DDI (Disabled Diver International) Instructor Trainer Centre in Asia.

Scuba Cat has a long history of being eco aware, from laying artificial reefs, becoming the first National Geographic Centre in Phuket, bi-annual underwater clean ups and winning awards from Project AWARE. This is consolidated with our 5 year commitment to monitor reefs at a local island in conjunction with reef check trainers from China on a yearly basis as we are the only reef check centre on Phuket. Recently we won the Green Star Award, the first dive centre to achieve this on Phuket and quickly followed it up by becoming the first Dive Centre in Phuket to go 100% Aware.

Following the changes we made on the retail side of the business this year Scuba Cat has also made changes in the type diving we are offering.

As always we conduct our courses to the highest standards, with emphasis on quality rather time. IDC’s are available every month along with DSAT Tech diving up to Instructor level.

We are  running 3 Diving boats this year, all of which will have Nitrox available and limited numbers of divers on them, this will enable us to have 3 different schedules which will suit all divers and snorkelers.  Whether you are a snorkeller, brand new to diving or looking to change your life by joining us working in Paradise, no problem, we have a program to suit you and your whole family.

Daytrips to the local islands around Phuket on board MV Scuba Fun will run 3 dives per day at different locations. New for this year there will be freshly cooked meals from our own kitchen cooked by the awesome Chef from Lair Le Tong Restaurant.

Half day trips to the local reefs of Phuket on MV Scuba Sport, new for this year allowing boat diving on mornings, afternoons and night dives. Sightings on the reefs have been beyond our expectations, with things we have not seen around Phuket in many years, the most recent being a free Swimming Ribbon Eel.

Our liveaboard MV Scuba Adventure will run trips to both the North Andaman and South Andaman this season, allowing for 3, 4 or 7 day trips offering the best diving Thailand has to offer. As always she offers un-crowded conditions, by having reduced numbers on the boat and is run by our own Tour leader Kath Ridley and the best Captain and Crew on Phuket. A brand new schedule is being launched for the summer and next high season to give you even more variety.

A new IDC website created by our website designers dedicated to professional level courses and Internships will be launched very shortly.