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Scuba Diving for the Handicapped

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The Scuba Diving industry over the years has evolved rapidly and more people are becoming involved. There has always been a misconception that it is a sport that is available to the fit and able bodied.  However, in recent years the industry has seen an increase in disabled divers, which has been a major leap forward. Disabled divers have been supported by the introduction of various organization’s that purely work with people with various disabilities, both physical and mental.  Scuba Cat, 5 * CDC Center, is also a DDI Instructor Training Centre (Disabled Divers International). Sarah Kench, the Owner and General Manager, is a Course Director and an  Instructor Trainer for the organization and Hielke Oppers, a Instructor at Scuba Cat Diving is also an Instructor for DDI.  Scuba Cat Diving recently represented the DDI at MIDE, the Malaysian Dive Show in Kuala Lumpur.  Their presence at the show always attracts interest and it is a positive step in promoting the disabled diving community, which is growing.

Scuba Diving for the Handicapped

Scuba Cat representing the DDI at MIDE 2011

Many disabled divers are restricted with their movements  and sensory functions. Can you imagine being a paraplegic, sitting in a wheelchair for most of your waking day? Most people who have been able bodied and due to injury or disease are restricted do have a tendency to suffer from depression. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Diving offers hope. It is freedom from a wheelchair. Scuba Cat Diving has offered this freedom  to many people over the years.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand, the only DDI Instructor training centre in Asia

Diving for the Disabled

Scuba Cat Diving has facilities that can accommodate disabled  divers. The training center is a multi purpose building, where disabled divers  can enjoy their theory lessons in comfort on the ground floor. Scuba Cat has it’s own swimming pool and day boat, which means that logistics of accommodating a disabled diver is not an issue.  Every disabled diver is assessed and depending on the type of disability a program is put into place to cater for that individual’s needs and wants.

Scuba Cat Diving, Phuket, Thailand, DDI Instructor Training Centre

"No Barriers"

This is a wonderful program and with time hopefully more and more disabled divers will enter the sport.  Disabled is a word that tells the world that you can’t do something. Diving ENABLES these people and highlights what they CAN do!!

Scuba Cat Diving becomes the first DDI Instructor Training Centre in Asia

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Scuba Cat Diving is known for many reasons with regard to scuba diving. We offer scuba diving for everybody!

Scuba Cat Diving, Phuket, Thailand is the only  scuba diving school the Asia that can train new DDI INstructors. We havespecialised instructors offering scuba diving and training for people with a physical or mental challenge. Both the instructors and school have been certified by Disabled Divers International, the global scuba dive training specialised in scuba instruction for people with a disability.

Our objective is to integrate the ‘regular’ divers with divers that need special attention and instruction and we succeed well. Both mixed groups friends and families with and without disability come for scuba diving with us, where we will give them all the (extra) help they need to have a wonderful time.

Disabled Divers International is a foundation with a vast global network and presence, teaching scuba professionals how to instruct people with special needs. Due to the natural buoyancy scuba diving is considered to be the most accessible active sport there is. DDI instructors worldwide have been certifying people with paraplegic, tetraplegic, muscular dystrophy, visual and hearing impairment, mental challenge, an amputee, to mention a few.

Scuba Cat Diving is helping DDI Foundation to spread the word…scuba diving for all! Please contact us with any question or doubt you may have. Our instructors have years of experience. Try it and discover there are no barriers!