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The Racha Islands

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The Racha or Raya islands are located about 25 km south of Phuket and know as an excellent diving and snorkeling daytrip destinations.
However, there are some differences between them. Racha Yai is quickly developing into a place to stay on for few days with some bungalow and resort operations springing up in recent years, it is a relative small island 24 km southeast of Chalong pier on the east coast of Phuket that has always been famous for its crystal clear sea, white powder sand, snorkeling, diving and big fishing.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Richilieu Rock
Racha Yai offers some of the best dive sites in the region to explore throughout the year, and generally has the best visibility year around of the daytrip destinations from Phuket. At the northern tip of the island, two pretty little bays are known for their deep, clear waters and colorful corals, they have a gently sloping sandy which also provides a good opportunity for snorkeling and diving. But the best area is considered to be on the east coast where the currents allow a gentle drift dive along a rocky slope covered with an incredible display of corals, which, in addition to the wealth of water, nutrient attracts large schools of tropical fish.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Similans Liveaboard


Batok Bay is clear and perfect for snorkeling, though the bay gets quite busy with visiting boats in the afternoons.

bantok bay

The island’s pristine beaches continue underwater as a white, sandy seabed, interspersed with hard-coral gardens and boulders. With your first experience into the clear turquoise water you’ll know you made a good choice coming here for your scuba diving. One of the best places of Racha Yai is also, Siam bay, a large bay without boat and few people which is a pretty place to isolate and enjoy the surrounding beauty of the island. Around 8 years ago a new dive site was made in this bay featuring life size concrete elephants, a temple, giant clam and other structures, this was created as an artificial reef to attract more marine life.

siam bay


Besides, this place is a great place for experienced divers; it will be a good location to make a first open-water course training scuba diving. There are four points to practice diving in Racha Yai depends to season. Generally it’s sandy, gently and visibility is good in this area. You can found so many fishes, ad example schools of barracuda.


Racha Noi or Raja Noi is the more isolated of the two islands, its located 5 Km south of Racha Yai Island and about 15 km south of Phuket. But it is also a popular dive site for experienced divers. Indeed, the depth is greater and the currents generally stronger than its sister to the North Island. Racha Noi is uninhabited and has no services or accommodation, but there’s some great diving in the area.



The visibility is one of the best of the scuba dive sites day trip from Phuket due to a extra depths and proximity with the lands. Like Racha Yai there are two bays with a sandy bottom but with few people and you can make your first open water scuba diving in this area.

You will encounter huge rocks that cause the presence of Manta rays and whale sharks. The South tip of the island offers the opportunity for a dive on a large pinnacle which rises up to 12 m where you can found larger fish like Manta ray and sharks. Currents here can be quite strong, but you are rewarded by so many fishes like schools of blackfin barracuda, octopus, sea snakes and blue-spotted stingrays. Furthermore, you may be seen turtles too at Marita’s Rock which is formed by huge granite boulders.


Racha Noi offers many wonderful opportunities for deep dives.

Celebrate 5 Years with us!!!!

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June 1st is a very special day for us at Scuba Cat Diving


Sarah Kench, Course Director and her team took over ownership of Scuba Cat Diving 5 years ago.

Scuba Cat Diving  5 * CDC Phuket Thailand 5 Year Celebration

To help you celebrate this very special year with us we invite you to receive 10% discount on any Scuba Cat Courses, Daytrips or Liveaboards made during this month. (excluding Professional Courses and Internships)

Scuba Diving Courses

MV Scuba Fun

  • Daytrips to Racha Yai, Racha Noi, King Cruiser, Shark Point, Koh Doc Mai and Anemone Reef

MV Scuba Sport

  • Half Day trips available November to April

Snorkelling for the Whole Family

MV Scuba Adventure Liveaboard – starting from 2 days one night

  •  Similans,Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock
  • Hin Dueng, Hin Mueung, Koh Ha, Phi Phi

If you book and pay in full anytime during June 2012 you will receive 10% discount not only for this month but for the rest of the year…… plus you will receive a free Scuba Cat T-Shirt with all Courses during the month.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand 5th Anniversary


The future for Scuba Cat:


Scuba Cat Diving aims towards creating interaction between people and aquatic life which is fun, safe, educational and sustainable.

  • Sustainable for customers means someplace they can come back to where there is a wide range of services which satisfies and/or challenges them for years.
  • For the environment it means interaction with the environment in such a way that the benefits for the environment/ecology outweigh the drawbacks.


To be the best Dive Centre in Phuket through good diving practices, great instructing, increasing ecological awareness and responsible interaction with environment.


Everything we do are based on the following set of values. They are not stand-alone values but all apply at the same time one way or the other.

  • Good intention – What we do is not as important as why we do it
  • Value for money – We have no intention to be the cheapest, only to be the best. Our prices are competitive, and represent great value for money
  • Quality – Only the best is good enough
  • Safety first – There are always expectations, however, we will only do what we consider to be safe
  • Entertainment – We don’t just provide great courses and dive trips – we provide great experiences from the start to the end…….Fun!!!!

Come and see for yourself, we believe we are achieving our goals but dont just take our word for it see what people have said about us on Trip Adviser!

Update on Patong, Phuket following the Tsunami Warning

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At approximately 4.00pm yesterday afternoon, 11th April 2012 we received a telephone call. That was to change the afternoon.

The husband of one of our staff called to ask if we had felt the earthquake which had happened in Indonesia and to warn us of a potential Tsunami. Then the Tsunami Warning towers let off their sirens……….

This put everyone in our Dive Shop on high Alert.

Kath, our ever loyal Tourleader from MV Scuba Adventure telephoned saying she was struggling to get down to the shop to prepare for the trip that was due to go out to the Similans that evening! We suggested she might like to stay at home!

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand MV Scuba Adventure Tourleader

The rest of the staff however stayed at the Scuba Cat Shop in Patong, it is in a 3 story townhouse and so we gathered all the customers, staff and unsure tourists and invited them to go and sit up on the roof terrace in safety away for the potential wave.

Jack was manning the telephones, assuring concerned callers from India and various other places around the world that we were all OK and we would keep them posted of any developments. A concerned customer who was due to go onto the Liveaboard trip that evening called, after speaking with him we advised him to stay the other side of the Hill in Kathu until he got the all clear to come over.

At the new Scuba Cat Diving Shop, Kee Plaza Patong, the staff were moved to safety at their roof top restaurant on the 7th Floor.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Tsunami Update

Great news, all the staff and customers from both shops were accounted for.

The Scuba Cat Boats, MV Scuba Adventure and MV Scuba Sport were moved away from the Island and out into safety, Deep Open Water. Why? The ocean is deep. It is only when the wave comes close to shore when it is slowed down that the water is pushed upward into a huge wave. If they can get far enough out the wave, if it had happened would only have been a few feet high.

MV Scuba Fun had just returned from a day trip to King Cruiser, Shark Point and Koh Doc Mai. We quickly transported the customers to a hotel which was high up in the hills and waited with them for the all clear.

Then we were all surprised, Kath had walked for 40 minutes to get to us at the shop, she wanted to be with us and her customers for the Scuba Adventure trip. Ozzy, who lives in safety up in the hills above Nanai Road, had heard about the Tsunami alert when may people appeared outside his hilltop home and decided to come down and join us at the shop, figure that one!! Irish, need I say more!!!!

Everyone had been warned in Patong and the streets were cleared. Sean went down to the end of the Soi to see if the water was going out from the beach, there he met two Irish Ladies who had been caught up in the Thai staff leaving. At the time of the warning they were half way through having a haircut. The lady cutting their hair talked about the earthquake on Thai and then left, when Sean met them they had their hair half finished….. they were looking for a Pub to forget about their new hair styles.

Sean came back laughing and thought this was a great idea and promptly went and arranged beers for the staff and customers!!!!

The announced times of the Waves came and went without incident. We all proceeded to go down to the beach with our beers in hand, stupid I know but by this point we were all convinced the danger had passed.

This is what we saw………

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Patong Beach

The streets were empty, no tuk tuks, no traffic, piece and quiet…………

About 7.00pm we made the decision with the Captain and Customers agreement the Scuba Adventure would proceed on her Cruise as scheduled. Big Smiles all round from a group of very happy customers.

A Big thank you to all the Staff and Customers at Scuba Cat Diving for their calm during the warning and a big thank you to Patong for having the Tsunami warning system ready and working for just an event.

Having been here during the Tsunami of 2004 it was reassuring to see the quick evacuation of a large resort town to safety…….. THANK YOU.

Today is a new day, MV Scuba Fun is at Racha Yai/Noi on her planned day trip, the Scuba Cat IDC continues and Songkran will be here tomorrow……………the soaking we expected this year!

Similans Liveaboard MV Scuba Cat – Carl’s story

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We first had the opportunity to try out the Scuba Cat fleet when we went out on a Day Cruise on Scuba Fun to Racha Noi back in 2005.  My Wife, Amy and myself, Carl McKay were on a larger family vacation and we were all aboard, some certifying, some diving in what was our first visit to Phuket. We feel in love with Phuket, the water, the people.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Diving Daytrips

"Scuba Fun"

We have been back almost every year since.

……..Second trip to Scuba Cat

Our family had encouraged us, to move up to the next level of diving:  A live-a-board.  A what-a-who?  Hadn’t done that before and after an explanation of the location at the Similan Islands, the boat and what we could see, we went for it.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand MV Scuba Cat

"MV Scuba Cat"

The first trip was three diving days.  We arrived from Scuba Sport, the transfer boat, to the remote Scuba Cat Boat.  We didn’t know what to expect.  Surprise was our first expression.  Out in the middle of this clear blue water, we find some islands, a few boats and this mobile diving “experience” – I think you have to look at Scuba Cat, not only as a dive boat, but a place that you quickly connect with new faces that work on board and other guests who are there for the same reason.  It’s like going to a convention and finally everyone has a story to share, because you simply showed up and attended.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand MV Scuba cat

"Ready to Dive"

I think what made the experience so nice was how easy the diving became.  Setup in the back of what I think is one of the best ever designed platforms, wide open where easily four people can enter at the same time safely.  The crews at the back are able to help and quickly learn everyone’s needs and are always looking out for you.  They wash your gear off after every dive and clean up for the night too.  Easily you can do five dives in a day!

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand MV Scuba Cat"


The Dive Masters, are comforting, knowledgeable and don’t stray from the manual; safety was always first.  The orientations prior to every dive spot on.

My Wife was in a peculiar position.  Unlike me, I was up for every dive.  She is safety conscious and honestly does a great check every time.  No shortcuts.  I was a Husband who wanted to have her on every dive.  What I needed to learn was that by doing that put her in a rushed mode and her comfort zone was being tampered with.  I just love doing stuff with her.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand MV Scuba Cat

"Amy, Andy and Kate"

This is where Sarah came in and became Amy’s most trusted Dive Buddy and now a dear friend.  At that time, Sarah was on board as a Divemaster, now she’s the Queen of the fleet.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand MV Scuba Cat


As mentioned earlier, Amy is safety conscious.  She likes to drop down when she is ready.  Diving shouldn’t be stressful as it is a vacation and why bother if you are worried.

I would go off with the rest of the family, Amy, still not too many dives in, was guided by Sarah. The perfect combination; Sarah’s experience and understand built confidence in Amy’s skills.  In a nutshell, they would usually jump in last and take their time.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand MV Scuba Cat

"The Family"

Amy has since moved towards Advanced.  In addition, while most folks don’t care for night diving, within the first two days Sarah and Amy were down at night!  It blew me away.

Something that weighed heavily in building that trust was when Sarah approached us both to discuss an issue with Amy.  She was moving towards Advanced certification with the additional dives she as doing and taking tests on board Scuba Cat.  Sarah said that she didn’t want to move Amy towards Advanced, but offered an Adventure certification.  Simple put, given Amy’s regularity with diving and her comfort, she didn’t want to put Amy in a situation with another Dive Company somewhere out there and their expectations be a burden to her and put her at risk.  It allowed her to learn, move forward with skills and build confidence, but not rushed.

There are a lot of outfits that push you to move quickly through the certification because it makes revenue, I’ve seen some real bad skills and people call them selves Advanced.  Example:  No touchie, just lookie…  Yes, “Advanced” folks touching! NO!

I know that strays from the intent of this entry, but I am trying to show the consciousness of the now owner and integrity over selling another certification.

Diving is a great sport, opens travel to a whole other world, but like in any other sport you need to know your comfort level.  The addition of water isn’t to be scared of, it needs to be respected on every dive.  Experience isn’t the only factor, relearning and doing every check is important too.

Back to the “Cat” – Every Divemaster has been great, the food, amazing and the deck crew always smiling.  By the way, a reminder, if someone is taking extra care of you, it’s good to remember them when they are saying bye to you.  These folks work hard and are another fail safe in an experience on any boat.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Similans No 8

"Island 8"

We have been out to the Similan Islands five times now.  Every moment leading up to the transfer boat and the first glimpse of Scuba cat are Exciting.  Meeting new people, bumping into old friends, and sharing new stories.  The tough part is leaving.  A magical experience;  There may be other boats, but Scuba Cat was one of the first.  We just wish it were closer to get to…  I always say “Bye for now” then I know I will be coming back to visit and see great people soon too.