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Similans Liveaboard MV Scuba Cat – Carl’s story

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We first had the opportunity to try out the Scuba Cat fleet when we went out on a Day Cruise on Scuba Fun to Racha Noi back in 2005.  My Wife, Amy and myself, Carl McKay were on a larger family vacation and we were all aboard, some certifying, some diving in what was our first visit to Phuket. We feel in love with Phuket, the water, the people.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Diving Daytrips

"Scuba Fun"

We have been back almost every year since.

……..Second trip to Scuba Cat

Our family had encouraged us, to move up to the next level of diving:  A live-a-board.  A what-a-who?  Hadn’t done that before and after an explanation of the location at the Similan Islands, the boat and what we could see, we went for it.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand MV Scuba Cat

"MV Scuba Cat"

The first trip was three diving days.  We arrived from Scuba Sport, the transfer boat, to the remote Scuba Cat Boat.  We didn’t know what to expect.  Surprise was our first expression.  Out in the middle of this clear blue water, we find some islands, a few boats and this mobile diving “experience” – I think you have to look at Scuba Cat, not only as a dive boat, but a place that you quickly connect with new faces that work on board and other guests who are there for the same reason.  It’s like going to a convention and finally everyone has a story to share, because you simply showed up and attended.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand MV Scuba cat

"Ready to Dive"

I think what made the experience so nice was how easy the diving became.  Setup in the back of what I think is one of the best ever designed platforms, wide open where easily four people can enter at the same time safely.  The crews at the back are able to help and quickly learn everyone’s needs and are always looking out for you.  They wash your gear off after every dive and clean up for the night too.  Easily you can do five dives in a day!

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand MV Scuba Cat"


The Dive Masters, are comforting, knowledgeable and don’t stray from the manual; safety was always first.  The orientations prior to every dive spot on.

My Wife was in a peculiar position.  Unlike me, I was up for every dive.  She is safety conscious and honestly does a great check every time.  No shortcuts.  I was a Husband who wanted to have her on every dive.  What I needed to learn was that by doing that put her in a rushed mode and her comfort zone was being tampered with.  I just love doing stuff with her.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand MV Scuba Cat

"Amy, Andy and Kate"

This is where Sarah came in and became Amy’s most trusted Dive Buddy and now a dear friend.  At that time, Sarah was on board as a Divemaster, now she’s the Queen of the fleet.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand MV Scuba Cat


As mentioned earlier, Amy is safety conscious.  She likes to drop down when she is ready.  Diving shouldn’t be stressful as it is a vacation and why bother if you are worried.

I would go off with the rest of the family, Amy, still not too many dives in, was guided by Sarah. The perfect combination; Sarah’s experience and understand built confidence in Amy’s skills.  In a nutshell, they would usually jump in last and take their time.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand MV Scuba Cat

"The Family"

Amy has since moved towards Advanced.  In addition, while most folks don’t care for night diving, within the first two days Sarah and Amy were down at night!  It blew me away.

Something that weighed heavily in building that trust was when Sarah approached us both to discuss an issue with Amy.  She was moving towards Advanced certification with the additional dives she as doing and taking tests on board Scuba Cat.  Sarah said that she didn’t want to move Amy towards Advanced, but offered an Adventure certification.  Simple put, given Amy’s regularity with diving and her comfort, she didn’t want to put Amy in a situation with another Dive Company somewhere out there and their expectations be a burden to her and put her at risk.  It allowed her to learn, move forward with skills and build confidence, but not rushed.

There are a lot of outfits that push you to move quickly through the certification because it makes revenue, I’ve seen some real bad skills and people call them selves Advanced.  Example:  No touchie, just lookie…  Yes, “Advanced” folks touching! NO!

I know that strays from the intent of this entry, but I am trying to show the consciousness of the now owner and integrity over selling another certification.

Diving is a great sport, opens travel to a whole other world, but like in any other sport you need to know your comfort level.  The addition of water isn’t to be scared of, it needs to be respected on every dive.  Experience isn’t the only factor, relearning and doing every check is important too.

Back to the “Cat” – Every Divemaster has been great, the food, amazing and the deck crew always smiling.  By the way, a reminder, if someone is taking extra care of you, it’s good to remember them when they are saying bye to you.  These folks work hard and are another fail safe in an experience on any boat.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Similans No 8

"Island 8"

We have been out to the Similan Islands five times now.  Every moment leading up to the transfer boat and the first glimpse of Scuba cat are Exciting.  Meeting new people, bumping into old friends, and sharing new stories.  The tough part is leaving.  A magical experience;  There may be other boats, but Scuba Cat was one of the first.  We just wish it were closer to get to…  I always say “Bye for now” then I know I will be coming back to visit and see great people soon too.


Aqualung Partner Centre

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Scuba Cat Diving  is renowned for being a complete dive centre offering a whole range of products and services.

At the beginning of high season 2010 this position was reinforced when a Partnership between Scuba Cat and Aqualung was cemented. This has enabled Scuba Cat to offer an extensive range of premium quality equipment, accessories and services. We went through an extensive selection process to gain this partnership and it is proving highly beneficial.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand  5 * CDC Centre Phuket Thailand

Aquamaster  is the sole Thailand distributor of  Aqualung along with other world renowned brands including  Uwatec, Sea and Sea, Underwater Kinetics, PSI, and Blade fish. The highly qualified technicians for Aqualung Products at Aquamaster are versatile and can repair or service equipment at the drop of a hat as they carry a full range of spare parts for all the Aqualung Products.

If you buy equipment from Scuba Cat, it will be already assembled, so that it is just waiting to get wet!!!  The staff from both Companies are divers, therefore they understand the needs, wants and desires of their customers. Expert, impartial advise is freely available at any time.

It can be a minefield when buying equipment as the range of products on the market is so extensive. How do you know if a particular brand or model will meet your expectations? This is easily remedied by taking advantage of the “try before you buy” option that is offered by the Partnership. This program means that the customer can try various pieces of equipment, so an informed decision can be made before making a purchase.  Aqualung ‘s range includes specific  categories, for example, equipment  designed for women. This range is stylish and has been designed with the female morphology and physiology in mind. One of the latest concepts is the Global traveler. The constraints that are placed by airlines with weight can be very restrictive when travelling with your own dive equipment. Aqualung and Scuba Cat are offering a range with the traveler in mind.  This range includes the lightweight  zuma bcd, which weighs only 2.5kg, the micron regulator, hotshot fins and comes with a compact carry case which is an ideal size to take in the cabin of the aircraft. The other ranges that are offered suit technical divers, cold water divers and junior divers.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Aqualung Zuma Travel BCD

Scuba Cat’s partnership with Aqualung has been a very positive move and is beneficial to all parties involved, especially Scuba Cat’s customers.

Three Weeks in Thailand – A Divers story Part 2 The IE

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By the time it came to the IE we were all in different stages of readiness. Bruce and I had gone over his physics so many times he was talking about gasses in his sleep.  The Friday afternoon came and at the appointed hour we joined around 50 other candidates in the exam hall. The examiners were later than we expected but they tried to calm us down with some chat. Maybe it was just me but all I wanted was the exam paper, the time to do it in and to get out.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Go Pro


All the practice, revision and the discussions helped as we all got through the papers. Some scraped a pass, some passed with high marks, and one of us had a resit to do the next day. But after the first day we were all still in with a chance to become Open Water Instructors.  Even coming out to torrential rain would not dampen our spirits. A couple of guys went for a relaxing massage, but most of us headed to the school room to chat about the day and begin preparations for the morning. We had been given our skill set to teach and after an hour or so some of us went for a beer, (Its sociable to spend time together!!!)

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Go Pro

"Beer O'Clock"

Next morning we met at seven, in various states of readiness.  But we knew that this session in the pool would be easy.  We had been taught well.  We had practiced teaching skills and knew what would be expected of us.  Separated into two groups we were all having side bets as to which group would have the highest average score. As it turned out we scored well, better than every dive center there. Why – because we had worked hard to make sure we got it right. Our Course Directors knew we would do well, because they knew that they way they taught us was the right way.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand  IDC Go Pro

"Time to get wet"

Presentations in the afternoon flew past. We had been given our subject to present about on the Friday night and had worked examples into the presentations well. For Project AWARE, when the group were asked to suggest something old, someone suggested their Grandfather! Even the examiners loved this example.  3 parts gone and tomorrows Open Water session was to be the last. Would be Instructors nearer their dream as our resit man had scored over 90% in his resit. Christophe’s  lunchtime session paying dividends again.

Sunday morning at 7 we arrived outside the “Scuba Cat front shop”. The confidence was high but you could feel the nerves. Maybe one or two beers the night before were not the ideal way, or the Disco crowd were coming down from the dancing high, but we jumped into the pick up more subdued. Bruce and Christian had their sea sick tablets as we headed off to Racha Noi for our last session.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Go Pro

"Day 3"

Staying in our groups of four, we were delighted to see that one group got off to the best start by floating through the Rescue Scenario. Again all the practice had paid off, I was remembering my Instructor in Scotland’s voice pacing me through the whole thing. Didn’t matter though as Christophe told us to get out HIS ocean. One more session and the dream was reality. All 8 still in the game and now buzzing.

We went down to around 10m to be met by Jim our examiner.  Going through each of our two skills, when I surfaced with Alfredo after the CESA – Jim said we were in the game and that’s all we needed. When our second group joined us, the hilarity took over. Some other centers had pupils in the water re-doing their Rescue Scenario!! We couldn’t believe it. Some of them seemed to be doing it for the first ever time. Looking at them struggling to remove equipment made us realize that we were good Rescue Divers, and that our practice had paid off.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Go Pro

"Team Dec 2010"

Thanks again Ceri, Find out the result tomorrow……………..

Scuba Cat Diving, Phuket, Thailand was renamed Scuba Kitten for the day !

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Yesterday the New divers on board MV Scuba Cat made all us instructors feel old!

Congratulations to our new New (Jr) Open Water Divers,

Ignatio J Moro Nieto, Spain age 13
David C Moro Nieto, Spain Age 15
Oscar Martinsson, Sweden Age 14
Patrik D Mitelski, Sweden Age 13

And not forgetting Ally O’Kearney who completed a Discover Scuba Diving with Scuba Cat for the 4th year, quite an achievement when you think she is only Age 12!

Thanks again to the instructors, Hielke , Claus and Francois for safely certifying the Next generation of divers

 Junior Open Water Course Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand

Scuba Kittens