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Hey Scubacat people

I thought it about time I followed up on my first email to you  after my trip at the beginning of 2008  which I am pleased to see is still on your website.

Well it's been more than 18 months since then and as promised, I returned, spending a memorable new years eve 2008 on scubacat followed by a trip on scuba adventure. Both liveaboard experiences lived up to their expectations, I don't think I can get enough of diving the Similans. Your team is always professional, safety conscious and environmentally aware, I will return again and again.
I have been lucky enough to be able to travel to many places and dive with many different companies on a variety of boats, scubacat will always be a favourite of mine, I have so many good memories of trips on your boats, there is something extra in the scubacat experience that is difficult to explain, you just have to try it.

I came again in June of 2009 and had a couple of memorable days diving off scuba fun, I'm not quite sure why it is called low season. OK you can't visit the Similans but there is still plenty to see and do.
The big news for me , for which I hold you partly responsible, is that I have transitioned from a baby diver who wasn't quite sure about his first diving holiday to qualifying as an instructor working for a busy UK dive center. I will be sure to tell all my students who express an interest Thailand of my favourite company. You can be sure that you will be seeing me again.

Thanks for a really great time and life changing experience.


Dear Sarah,
I hope you are better now.
I am back in India and would like to let you know that I had a great time (a bit tough though) in the 3 day course. Khun Chart was sharp and so was Stuart very helpful on the boat.
Ok, I ended up with a Scuba Diver certification instead of an open water, but I will get there next time. I just felt that based on my fitness and what I was able to implement, I need more dives (better breathing and buoyancy control)...

I will post an account of my trip and course on my blog and/or site, and let you know. But it was well worth it!

Hope to come back soon! Thanks to Catherine and other staff members too. Take care and Best Regards

Just a quick note to say thank you to all at Scuba Cat for showing me a great time on the PADI Open Water Diving course.

The Scuba Cat divers were a very friendly and welcoming bunch, the Thai boat crew were excellent, and last but by no means least Darren was a great instructor - always professional yet relaxed and ready with a joke, clearly very knowledgeable and had some great practical tips which only come from experience.

I had a great time and would definitely recommend you to others.


Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Scuba Cat (especially Andy and Stuart!) for everything.  Everyone was really impressed with you guys, and everyone thought Stuart was the best instructor.  He was so great with us (particularly me, as I was nervous!) and everyone thought he was amazing.  Thanks for working with us on all of our oddball requests (including bringing t-shirts, last minute Discover Scuba and night dives).  I hope we will get to work with you all again!

Please tell Stuart and Andy hi for me!

Best, Morgan
Morgan Perry
the thomas collective

hey sarah
acacia and i are now back in our little mountain town here in America where it is cold and slightly snowy.  needless to say we are missing the scuba cat.  just wanted to send you a quick email and let you know that we enjoyed everything about our live aboard we did with you guys.  pam, matt, hilks and stuart were awesome as were the cooks, boat crew and captain.  what a great way for us to finish a 3 month trip in se asia......definitely the highlight for both of us!
hopefully we can make it back in the next couple years to do some more diving with you guys.
good luck to you in the upcoming busy season.
jeremy minor

I would like to express what a wonderful discovery dive i had. My dive master Claus was absolutely wonderful and made my experience better. he was absolutely patient, caring and understanding and made me feel very special, comfortable and well looked after. thank you Claus you made my experience one the remember.

Deborah Yogachandra

Yes, our trip to Phuket was wonderful! We are now back in Bangkok - our son leaves for Dubai tomorrow morning. It was great being all together, however the day we went out scuba diving was storming and the sea was VERY rough. We all got sea sick and my son was able to do one dive only - I couldn't even complete one dive, but the girls did both dives and enjoyed it! I was sick for two days after!!!  I've never experienced such a rough sea in my entire life - we literally felt like the boat was going to tip over. They knocked me out with sea sick pills on the way back, but still had a rough go of it. I hope it doesn't damage me for life and I will try scuba diving again in the future.

We did get a wonderful DVD of the kids so I was able to enjoy their experience once back on stable ground - and super pictures too! The crew was absolutely wonderful and really tried to get me to go down, but I was just too sick - but they took very good care of me and my children. Very professional staff and I felt very safe in their capable hands.

Wei-Lin Gaspar (Lynn)

Hi Sarah,
Back in the office, and have completed the payment for 2090 Baht to your Paypal Account.  I titled the payment “Video (Matt) 2090 baht”.  Please do let me know if you do not receive it.  
It was such a pleasure to meet you.  Am always a supporter of women that are independently successful in their chose business.  Both of us enjoyed the trip with your crew – was very professionally and efficiently run.  Don’t know how long you’ve had Klaus with you, but he certainly projected a great sense of confidence, organization and calm that we prefer in a dive instructor/master.  
Will definitely dive with you again the next time and will recommend to others.  
Wishing you the very best, and hope to have a chance to return soon.

Hi all.  Casey (Alexander, age 12) and me (his Dad Greg) just returned from Scubacat open water dive course and I wanted to write to say special thanks to Mike Clarke.

He was an unbelievable "scooba coach" (as my son called him).  Teaching father & son has its own unique dynamic and Mike knew when to be patient, when to have a laugh, when to push through the material and when to be stern/serious.  Under water he was somehow watching everything all the time and we felt in very capable hands the whole time with safety #1 and good-fun a close #2.  

I wanted to enclose a couple emails that my son sent back to his Mom during the trip - using my blackberry keypad so spelling and punctuation not the best - but you can sense his excitement.

Hope to see you again now that we're divers.

Dec 5:  Hi mom were having a great time in Thailand its really cool i think that we should come back here as a family sometime. last night we had a lobster and I gotta pick him out named him bobby the lobby gettit? anyway we'll be doing tests on scooba back at scoobacat hq soon enough. there's 5 different sections and then the final exam you have to cover to be able to scooba we just finished section 3 and lunch so far i've done really good dad says and i got high hopes i'll do well.

Dec 6: Hi mom casey here love it here right now we got an awesome Thai band playing while we wait for our food we had our first sea dive today in a Beautiful bay with white sand, some coral, and lots of fish even one ray you know the types that hide in the sand and pop up randomly yeah we saw one of those and loads of fish even some parrot fish 1 or 2 i think but they are very very veeeeeeeeerrrryyyy!! colorful. we went over some drills (psssst...... I beat dad) And uma anyway oh yeah there's a haagen-daaz restaurant right in between scooba cat hq and our best dinner place which is really awesome we can just pop over have some awesoooooomme ice-cream. on the way back on the boat we also played some
hold' em texas poker funny to mention that cause our scooba coach is from texas so he was pretty much powning us - he had a very good poker face and another thing is that his advice was show no expression in poker but be honest cause then you don't stammer and they can't tell whats going on with your hand And also there was a mexican couple on the boat we had a good chat with them about their honeymoon they got married a couple months ago and they've been jumping place to place on the globe ever since also the crewman on the scooba junk were really nice they helped me out alot they were also really funny and also we had a really loooooooooong bus ride because we got picked up first at 7:00 AM tiring
but then we raised really good conversation with other guys on the bus ride and on the way back it was even better because there was even more stuff to talk about after our dives and the stuff we saw it was awesome.

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