Scuba Cat Testimonials 2012

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Thanks so much to Kath and the crew for giving us a wonderful experience and one that we will never forget. You have all helped us develop as divers by keeping us safe and sharing your experience with us. We really enjoyed the diving (obviously), but also the down time spent on the deck together and also the wonderful meals. Kath, thanks for giving us confidence in ourselves as divers. I think that will go a long way in our future development. I think we have been truly spoiled by the beautiful dive sites, the small group that we had and the fantastic Manta Rays!

JJ and Mike Toronto Canada

A wonderful trip! So well looked after by the professional crew and dive leaders. A truly beautiful area to dive. Thanks to everyone.

Gillian Beckett London

Had an amazing 4 days!! Best diving I've ever done and awesome stories to go along with it. It was great to live the "diving life' if only for a short time. I'll be back….I'll have to come back

Tyson Korvemaker USA

We had again a wonderful time with SC. It was our 3rd liveaboard in 3 years and we shall come back, this says it all. Kath and Cedric and the Thai crew made our stay on the boat and our time underwater very enjoyable. THANKS!

Yumi and Christophe Bangkok

Had an awesome trip! Thanks to everyone on board for being so helpful and friendly. Truly top class diving and great food. Looking forward to my next trip out to the Andaman Sea!

Paul Tan Perth Australia

Our first liveaboard, what a nice trip and for sure the best part of our holiday. Special thanks to Katie, you are an amazing woman and many thanks for all those nice dives, specially those with the Whale SharkJ Also special thanks to the crew, they did a great job. Wish you all the very best and Katie we keep in touch.

Ivo and Elke Netherlands

7 days really good diving on a very happy and well organized boat. Now need to burn off some calories!! Enjoy the rest of the season. Best wishes

Steve R

Well, what can we say…..? We came out in 2006 on our 19th dive for our first liveaboard trip. Needless to say, it blew us away. Kath and Noon, our dive guides on that trip, were awesome and set the bar for subsequent trips. Several hundred dives later, (ok, so I exaggerate-200!!!!), we decided to take a trip down memory lane...

The décor still isn't as fancy as an Egyptian Tony Backhurst boat and luxurious it ain't BUT Adventure makes up for it and more by pure character, care intimacy and fun. The crew were amazing and always ready and willing to please. Cook Joy lives up to his name, the food is amazing and Kath, Cedric, Chloe and Paul were all excellent guides and we leave as friends. What more could you ask for? Thanks guys.

Gill and Jon UK

First of all thanks to Kath, Cedric and Liv they are the best Divemasters I've met, cool, laid back, very professional, fun and welcomed us on the boat like no others. The food was to die for and the cook always had a big smile on his face. I saw my first manta rays, leopard sharks, blue spotted rays. They were always pointing to the smallest creatures I would have never seen with out them. Cedric is an amazing photographer, Liv the cutest divemaster I've had the chance to dive with and Kath was the life of the party. I will recommend the trip to all my friends and I will never this first diving experience in Thailand. Two thumbs and two toes up!!!! Thanks Again

Sebastien USA

Kath, Cedric and Liv-thank you for an amazing dive trip, my first time on a liveaboard. Excellent diving, great stories and an experience I'll never forget. A special thank you to Joy for the phenomenal food-I'm still amazed at what he is able to do in such a small space! The boat crew was also outstanding and they made the whole experience so much better!! This experience confirms why I love diving in Thailand. Thank you, thank you,thank!!!!

Lacie Marshall USA

To Kath and the crew, thank you so much for such a memorable trip! What an amazing 4 days…A whale shark, countless mantas, turtles and a host of beautiful marine life, great company. World class food and a room with a view better than any five star resort! Thank again for an unforgettable holiday and we'll see you again!

Scott Sindel ACT Australia

Thank you Kath and the crew for an amazing trip. We were so lucky to see Kath when she spotted her first whale shark!! Kath wa over joy with happiness and she cryed. I can't wait until I get back there again and dive on this boat. Until next time

Reidar Hansen Norway

As for our preceeding tours with Scuba adventure we enjoyed the friendly and professional serviceof the crew and the divemasters. Kath was able to find us the smallest stuff for our macrophoto passion, the Capatain is always on the spot to drop and fetch us and the cook prepared delicious food to recover strength for the next dive. I did my Advanced course on the Adventure some years ago…in the meantime I feel "at home" when diving with Adventure in the Andaman Sea. We shall come again until we finally see this damned whaleshark!

Alex Germany

Dear Kath, Dear Fred and all the Crewmembers

7 days on Adventure! It was great time! We got all the small stuff to see, we got almost all the big stuff to see but importantly we had great dives and a great time with you. The excursion to the South Islands was a full success. I wouldn't want to miss them and they will be on the list for my next trip. All that's missing for this next (5th) time should be a plastic whale shark if we really can't get to see a full size one. Thanks for everything

Gert Germany

Thanks a lot Kath, Patrick and the crew for a very insightful trip. Great atmosphere, lots of fun, environmental awareness and all this in a great setting. Many thanks to the crew for their professionalism, attitude and care. Captain Pu's displays at manoevering the boat was quiet remarkable. Learned a lot and saw a lot. Knowledge that I'll try to spread to China

Olivier China

We've already become like a big family. I'm gonna miss you guys. Thanks for a marvelous trip!! Love you Kath

Weiwei China

Dear Kath it's the end of our fourth trip on Scuba Adventure and it's come too soon. We had some great dives and I hope it's not too long before we see you again! All the crew were outstanding as always as were the dive guides on both trips. You found us our first manta. They do exist. Hopefully see you soon-much love

Ewan Scotland

Another excellent trip. Good diving, good guides and a fantastic crew who looked after us so well on the whole trip. Lots of smiling faces. Happily recommend to others and would come back again. Thanks and see you again.

Mike UK

Kath-for a first liveaboard you and all the boat have made this a wonderful experience. The fish, purple broccoli coral and crazy thermoclines certainly helped! Thanks so much for using you humour, heart and head to make this an unforgettable experience.


Thanks Kath for an unforgettable trip. All the dive sites were great. I particularly enjoyed Richelieu Rock even though we didn't see any whale sharks. I guess I'll have to come back for that one. Anyway, if I ever happen to come back to Phuket I will definitely go diving with you again.


Thank you from the obnoxious Americans for such a great trip. It's always wonderful to have a tour leader who's not only looking out for us but also looking out for the dive sites. This is such a good ending to our trip. The whale shark was AWESOME!! I do hope we meet again and when we do I do hope there is a whale shark around

Karina USA

Kathryn-Thank you so much for helping to make our medical school graduation trip so great! Not only was the diving amazing because of a whale shark, multiple devil rays, turtles and thousands and thousands of fish, but YOU were a great dive guide. I'm glad all 10 of my dives on my first ever dive trip were with you. Despite my tendency to hover at 3m in perfect death by boat range!! And my desire to bicycle like a mad woman, you made me feel safe and comfortable in the water, while reminding me to come down deeper and relax. Thanks again. It was a great pleasure

Leigh Anne USA

This was the best dive ever! I enjoyed every single moment on board and in the water! Not only did we have the best dives with seeing amazing creatures, but we also had the best guide! Thanks for taking care of us and especially for savingmyself by calming me down after going crazy seeing the awesome whale shark! I hope this last trip for you was as good as it was for me. You're the best!.

Garrison "Bob" Goodman USA

Vincent and Spencer. What a great trip. This was our first liveaboard but definitely not out last. We weren't lucky enough to see a whale shark or manta, but it was still awesome. The diving was great but the boat and the crew matched it. The boys were great. Very discrete but always there when we needed them. The chef and his food are unbelievable. Thank you very all much

Chris, Fiona and Carmen Hazzard Hong Kong

Wonderful diving. The second day was great, Manta Ray, Seahorses, Sea Snakes aand great vis. Wish the trip could continue on. Beautiful trip

Tags Texas USA

You have been a master of making this experience very memorable, not only under the water, but above it as well. You have being making everyone enjoying it so much. You cared and we felt it. It was the high light together with the whaleshark (That was swimming naked by the way). Thank you so much you really have put this trip to the next level.

Xavier Canada

It has been my first liveaboard and IT HAS BEEN GREAT!!! Everything has been superb, fanastic, amazing. I will definitely do it again, because it is worth doing again and again. The crew were always helpful, the captain impressive, the chef very good and kind, and sorry to point out, Kat and Steve were amazing, words can not describe how grateful I am. Three wonderful days that I will remember always.

Antonio "the Spanish Christmas Tree"

My first liveaboard and I wasn't sure what to expect…I think even if it hadn't been the first I would've never expected to have so much fun outside the water. Thank you so much for 3 great evenings with lots of laughter and fun conversation and even so we might not make it into your book as one of the most hilarious groups you had, maybe you'll remember us as one of the nicest? I sure know I'll remember you as one of the warmest person I've ever met. Hugs and love


Many many thanks for these wonderful days of liveaboard; thanks to Kath, that made all the dives to be exciting but relaxing at the same time.

Gianna and Guido Italy

Dear Kath, Francois, Pu, Jack, Joy and the rest of the crew. Thank you for a fabulous three days diving. The weather might not have been great, no mantas, no whale sharks, no turtles, but it didn't matter because you all worked so hard and was together to make our trip relaxed, safe and enjoyable. Hin Daeng and Hin Muang were everything I hoped they would be and it was a dream come true to dive there.


My latest trip with Scuba cat has once again confirmed to me why I choose to dive with you. This was my first trip "dahn sarf" and I had a great time. As usual, Captain Pu and the rest of the boys provide fantastic support. Kath, as usual you were your usual bundle of fun (even though you were under the weather) and I'm sure you have gills rather than lungs! I'll guess I'll have to keep coming back until you find me that whale shark! Thanks again

Andy Millward UK

Yet another fine adventure with the lovely Kathryn and the fine crew. A totally enjoyable liveaboard. Will return yet again for sure

Sprocket Coghlan Australia

We survived our first liveaboard as liveaboard "virgins". We had no idea what to expect, but we hoped to see some "big stuff". In the end the biggest thing we saw was Tommy for whom no wet suit would fit! The unusually bad weather confined us to the Similans and encouraged us to try new unchartered dives, one of which had me and Kath surfacing amongst a group of snorkelers making us feel very overdressed for the occasion. What a giggle we had and what a treasure Kath is!

Elaine UK

This was our first liveaboard and with friends and so many "teen age mutant turtles" I was a bit worried but you all managed to organize an unforgettable, memorable, fantastic experience. Brendan was absolutely fantastic with our teenagers and Gerry with our mini "super divers". Everyone saw something special. Thank you for making my birthday so special. We will come back soon for the South trip…for sure.

Francesca Bangkok

Kim, Matthew 12yrs, Lauren 12yrs and William 11 years all different degrees of diving experience. Chartering the whole boat with 2 other families with the same age group was an excellent idea. The kids had company and the parents had Kath and her perfect crew!!! It's been an awesome journey and the dive sites had been especially picked for all degrees of diving. The marine life was excellent and was at times very friendly. We saw all sorts of fish, sharks, turtles and many more?? Kath is a fantastic host, diver and with her general knowledge made this trip. The crew, Captain, cook and the boat boys were very attentive and worked as a great team. Awesome trip and can't wait to rebook April-Oct to the South Islands. Cheers Kath

The Pearson family Bangkok

Katy, thank you for a wonderful experience. First liveaboard experience and I am eager to go for a second one. You and your crew are fantastic!! Katy, always follow your dreams passion and dedication as you are doing so. Hell, it really pays off. I hope to come back again to the Similans and I will be looking up for you. Fantastic Instructor and a fantastic person!I will make sure that next time I will not be blowing so much air.

Ernesto Spain

Thank you for a wonderful time. I really enjoyed myself! I have learnt a lot during my time with you and the gang and I would definitely do another liveaboard as this was my first one. I loved the team teaching even if I did say a lot of um's (hee hee).I will be back soon and look forward to our next adventure.

Paul Woodhouse UK

I had a great time onboard and while diving of course. Many funny moments with you and all the others of our group. Hope I can be another time with you diving in Thailand. Wish you all the best and thank you very much for taking care of us.

Rudi Switzerland

Scuba Kath, thanks for a fantastic 3 days. Not only the diving but for the family atmosphere. I'll remember this trip forever, if only for your "dodgy" compass. Nothing in life is guaranteed but I can guarantee I will be back. Hope this will be a yearly occurrence

Steve "the pigeon' Terry Ireland

A wonderful trip! So well looked after by the professional crew and dive leaders. A truly beautiful area to dive. Thanks to everyone.

Gillian Beckett London

Thanks for your professionalism, humor and wit, they made for a wonderful experience. How did you get that boat to sail back and forth? Thanks again

Patrick Korea

What a wonderful trip!! Thank you so much for everything you taught me and most importantly for giving me the confidence to keep on improving!!Things to note from the trip…..Dive computers get angry when you have them on free dive mode, lobsters really do ride on the back of sharks in the night! And SMB's look easy, but Americans who live in China have a hard time with it. Take care, thanks for the wonderful memories and I will be back!

Melissa China

Thank you for some amazing dives and the whole experience was truly great. You made myself and Winnie very welcome as if we were VIP's. Be sure to look us up when you come to Koh Tao

Winnie and Jason Koh Tao

Kath,thank you for a wonderful 8 days. It has been a great start to my holiday. Your teaching and encouragement was very much appreciated. Your stories in the evenings kept me very entertained. I wish you all the success in the future!!

To the crew, you made this trip most enjoyable always there to lend a hand. It felt like 5 star treatment throughout our stay. This has been a good introduction to Thailand and I hope to be back!

Not much more I can add to this other than to thank you so much for making this trip better than I could have ever hoped it to be. Everything about the boat worked flawlessly and was always done with the customers in mind and for that I will be eternally grateful. Until next time

Mark and Emer Australia

A wonderful trip! So well looked after by the professional crew and dive leaders. A truly beautiful area to dive. Thanks to everyone.

Gillian Beckett London

Thank you so so much for a fantastic 4 days. Lots of awe and wonder on the dives. I said wow so many times I lost my air. Great fun, food and friendship on the boat. A little travelling family that allows us the privilege of joining in from time to time. I'll be back to destroy more computers!!!

Wendy Phuket

Thanks for the excellent trip and regards to all the crew for their first class help on the deck/kitchen/captain. Your patience and encouragement throughout this diving experience is second to none. You have corrected my faults and now I have to work on these. I look forward to returning and would highly recommend this trip to anyone again. Many thanks and safe diving

Peter Forrester Wales

I learned so much in these 4 days. From Open Water to Open Water Advanced with only 6 dives before. Thank you Kath and the crew

Urs Switzerland

Thank you very much for such a fantastic trip. We saw "everything" we came here to see. Kath is a fantastic guide, full of useful knowledge and happy to share all the information. She is very friendly and approachable-we will miss her. The staff on the boat are friendly and happy to help. The food is "DELICIOUS" and fresh-compliments to the chef!!! Scuba Adventure is a clean and comfortable, a very enjoyable trip. We would definitely come back. During our trip we saw a whale shark and a couple of manta rays-an enjoyable highlight of the trip. We are two very happy customers.

Debbie Day and Kevin Carr UK

Thanks Kath and the crew esp Capt Pu who made our trip North from the Similans extra special. The diving was spectacular! Something some times more than one on every single dive! The boat, the crew, the food were all fantastic and what a great holiday! Whalesharks, mantas, leopard sharks all in one dive trip! One of my best trips ever! Thank you very much!

Susana Singapore

I'm not one to write, I'm no writer, however if I'm pushed to press pen to paper it's for a reason. That profound reason in Ms Kathryn Ridley. She has provided all on the boat to better their skills, enjoy the time, educate, titillate and thrill all of us. This was my first trip where I saw my first whale shark, manta, turtle, octopus, leopard shark and a fair few fish and fauna. It was amazing and I'm happy as a bee!!!!!!

Jean Michel China

What a terrific experience from start to finish. I can't fault a single thing. Kath is a special person and has given me such confidence in the water when diving-so thanks so so much for everything.

Gillian Beckett London

A wonderful trip! So well looked after by the professional crew and dive leaders. A truly beautiful area to dive. Thanks to everyone.

Clodagh Murray Ireland

First experience for me and not disappointed. Scuba Cat lived up to it's reputation as a 1st class operator, mainly due to the excellence of people like you Kath, Oz Captain Pu and the crew. Thank you all so much and next time I'm coming back virus free.

Don Scott New Zealand

Thank you so much for a super fantastic trip south. The company, diving and food was really great. Could not have asked for more! The boys did a perfect job helping where they could. And Kath thanks again for doing the trip so great. Love being around you and your great personality. I'll be be back for sure maybe bringing my two boys

Carsten Denmark

We tried to pretend we wouldn't be back but I think you all knew better than that! And thank god we did…..MANTA!! We definitely had a few great dives with these "little guys". Lucky our Tour leader is able to spot the important stuff! And look after everyone on our trip…as well as the drifters who like to drop in from other tour companies…with or without air…I'm so glad he got to continue his dive…too bad he still didn't see the Manta! Thanks for the funny stories, snickers and underwater shenanigans. Put your glass cutters away! You know we'll be back to see you (and the whale sharks) as soon as we can.

Ben and Belinda Australia

A huge thank you for yet another wonderful trip with you. We have had a wonderful time and seen some wonderful creatures from the deep, though Kung Fu Panda was unexpected and amusing. The boat boys, chef and Captain are as ever hard working and willing to please. Brilliant staff. Kath, you are brilliant, full of fun and stories and hugs and you do the best impression of a star fish I have seen. You do however need to practice or work on the drawing! I will be sad to leave you and consider you to be a friend. Till we meet again…much love…hugs and kisses... miss you already

Carey and Russ UK

Kat, last time I came down I'd just learned to dive. You showed me how to love diving love diving. You were strict but safe and I learnt so much from you in one week. Learning was never was never so much fun. Thiis time I came down to sort myself out and find some peace. You jelped with both again. No matter how things turn out in Canada I will be forever thankful.

Ian Canada

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