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It was a really fulfilling experience learning scuba diving with Chart. I came back with lots of lovely memories of meeting great people on the course and I got from the course what I was looking for. Chart was very professional who made things look very easy and also maintained all safety and teaching procedures. He was ever smiling and cracking jokes. Also a live wire was Jerry with who kept us entertained on the dry spell on the boat with her bank of jokes and experiences as a dive master.

Over all I recommend your place to all. Hope to come back this year again with my son to do some more diving.


Navin Bhartia

Hi Debbie,

Thanks a lot. I had a great time while in Phuket thanks to you guys.

I'll be recommending you to anyone going to Thailand for diving because of the experience you guys made possible for us.

Have a great day,


Hi Sarah,

Thank you very much for for a great holiday

I really enjoyed diving with scuba cat at phuket.

Francois is an excellent instructor and I learned a lot from him.

I hope I will be back soon at Phuket for diving.

Thanks & best regards,


Hi Gerry,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for making my stay on Scuba Cat so much fun. It is a long time since I enjoyed my diving that much and that is down to you and all the crew on the boat :-)

I've attached a picture for the crew in case they have forgotten what a whale shark looks like, not a great picture I admit, but it should do the job for when they are trying to find one :-D

I got some beautiful shots in Thailand, the pink anenome comes out really pink and no-one believes me when I tell them that is the actual colour!!



Hi Guys,

I went diving with you about 10 months ago and just watched the DVD we had done on the day. Reminded what a great time it was and just wanted to pass on my thanks for an awesome day of diving. Loved it so much that I got my open water ticket when back in Oz.

We were the pink football guys ~8 of us. I was the one who fell through the window of a sports store. Cheers again

Hi Sarah

I had a great time on board Scuba Cat and want to thank you for the great arrangements. A special thanks to Hilks and Gerry who were the dive masters. We had a great time and I will for another liveaboard with Scubacat.


Manoj Nathoo
South Africa

Hi Vincent,

Once again, thank you for the wonderful dive experience, which me and my family all appreciated.

Your expertise, knowledge, but in particular your sensitivity to the needs of me and my future son-in-law in his first dive were especially appreciated. Also, the quality of the briefing, and de-briefing, not to mention having spotted several sharks and turtles makes this one of the best, if not THE best dive experience I’ve ever had.

By copy of this note to Sarah Kench and her colleague Debbie at Scuba Cat, I hope they will recognize how you genuinely deserve these accolades.

Thank you Sarah,

Craig is already talking about planning another trip there for the end of the year to do our next course with you guys on the LIVEABOARD for a week. Our only extra costs are airfairs and transfers. So since we won a weeks holiday with you know who our favourite sales team (Absolute) we thought about planning a second two week holiday in Pantong. A week on board the LIVEABOARD and a week in one of Absolutes Resorts. Neither of us can wait to get into the water again. We just need time and money now, kinda went overboard, parden the punn while we were in Pantong. I certainly wont under estimate the spending costs next time. still a cheap holiday though and was well worth. It was wonderful to meet you all and a huge thanks to Hilkes for a Bonza job Instructing. He was very understanding, very strict and rousy at me, lol but he really understood me, and thats all anyone can ask for in an instructor when they are trying to learn something that is quite complex and new. Luck was on our side having Hilkes all to ourselves as well, that was a bonus. The whole team was wonderful and lovely people to do business with. We had a fabulous time and yes we will be back to annoy you all once again. So look out Hilkes, lmao your in trouble mate, Kate's coming back to annoy the life out of you once again.

Love, Luck, Prosperity and best of wishes to you and the team.

Kate and Craig England

Brissy Australia.

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to say "Terima Kasih" for arranging my first dive trip to Phuket during my quick weekend get-away. Out of the 3 dive sites, Shark Point was by far the best for me, based on visibility. I'm sure this has got a lot to do with full moon :)

Please kindly extend my gratitude to Francois, Paul, and Stu. They've been great and judging by their stories on Scuba Cat and other dive sites around Phuket, I know for sure I'll be back to explore other dive sites with Scuba Cat, or even to do the DM program sometime in the future :) Speaking of dive sites, when is the best time to do a liveaboard to Similan? Is June a good time to go? Thanks again



Thanks Kathryn, Patrick and the rest of the fantastic crew for making our experience absolutely wonderful. From my first failed dive, (damn that tache), uou helped out and made me comfortable. And everything went smoothly.
For a first liveaboard you and all the boat have made this a wonderful experience. The fish, purple brocolli cora land crazy thermoclines certainly helped! Thanks so much for using your humour, heart and head to make this an unforgettable experience.

Dear Kat hand Crew

Thank you so much for an awsome 4 dyas. Really enjoyed the diving, the company and the food J
Would like to say a big thank you for making our trip so much fun.

Andy and Gemma

Absolutely loved  everything about the trip !
The dives , the crew, and the DM/instructors Cath and Patrick where great ! I loved the relaxed feel of the trip and will definately recommend it to anyone coming to thailand, cant wait for my next trip back here !

Claire Thurgoog

Thanks alot Kath, Patrick and the crew for a very insightful trip. Great atmosphere, lots of fun, environmental awareness and all this in a great setting.
Many thanks to the crew for their professional attitude and care. Captain Pu’s displys at manovering the boat was quite remarkable. I learned alot and saw alot. Knowledge that I will try to spread and share

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