Racha Yai Dive Sites - Bungalow Bay North Wall

Depth: 10-25m

Current: Mild-Moderate

Experience: Beginner

The north side of the bay offers similar diving to the south but with a few differences.


Here we have a slightly deeper dive on the outer corner of the bay with large boulders covered in soft corals. Look out for schooling barracuda with many lion and scorpion fish.


Beautiful wall dive with lots of soft and hard coral near the corner of the bay. Lots of schooling fish and occasionally Turtles and bigger pelagic fish. Lion fish, Moray Eels and octopus are also common residents of the reef.

About half way along the bay there is another artificial reef placed there in 2006, this time it is concrete hollow cubes. Over the years they have become home to many different marine life, with various nudibranchs, puffer fish, batfish and moray eels making them a home. Also look carefully and you may find a ribbon eel hiding in the sand around them.


Back on the reef look into the robust acropora coral and you will find a frog fish that has been resident for many years.


Here there are many anemones with various clown fish, porcelain crabs and shrimps. Turtles can often be spotted here too.

Lion Fish

Moray Eel Jeweled