Racha Yai Dive Sites - Siam Bay

Depth: 8-22m

Current: Mild

Experience: Beginner

In this huge calm bay you can make various different dives and enjoy the great variety of coral. Bottom is sandy with coral bommies around, very relaxing dive. Lots of small interesting stuff, such as Anemones, Nudibranch’s, Shrimps and Snails. Huge schools of Fusiliers and small Yellowtail Barracudas, as well as a school of bigger Chevron Barracudas are seen on almost every dive there.

Away from the shallow reef is another artificial reef, which was placed there in 2006. This makes an interesting dive as it comprises of two life size elephants, a giant clam, and two temples. All of the concrete features now have some coral growth on them and are attracting marine life into this sandy-bottomed area. A mooring line descending to one of the statues can reach the site; you can swim into the shallow area after spending some time around the statures.


siam bay

siam bay