Racha Yai Dive Sites - Homerun

Depth: 5-20m

Current: Moderate

Experience: Beginner

This is a drift dive along a rock reef with a hard coral covering. The reef slopes from 8 to 20m at its deepest point gradually becoming shallower as you travel north.

General the dive is started in Bay 1 and heading north, the bay has hard coral blocks with sand patches between, which rapidly changes to the rocky reef.

There are a couple of rocky outcrops on the reef, which can house some interesting creatures such as stonefish and comets.


At the south part of the dive site there is a small speedboat wreck at 20m depth sitting in the sand, there are schooling five line snapper and Durban dancing shrimp on this, also look in the sand for pipefish, flounders and stingrays.


Schools of trevally are often seen traveling up and down this site and crocodile needlefish are in the shallow water. If you are lucky a hawksbill turtle can be seen part way down the reef.

Ornate Pipe Fish

Pipe Fish Camouflage