Why is good Buoyancy control important?

Buoyancy control is key to all aspects of diving and as such should feature heavily in your dive training.

During the open water course the basics of buoyancy control as mastered, with fin pivots, hovers and buoyancy checks, then during the Advanced Open Water the option of Peak Performance Bouyancy is one that is always recommended by  Scuba Cat Instructors.

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Did you know you can take this one stage further with the Peak performance buoyancy specialty.

Have you ever wondered why some people use less air than others, why some look graceful and others not, some photographers get steady shots and others blurred, some hang still on safety stops whilst others dance around, and some divers sink like stones rather than having a controlled slow decent?

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"Mid water safety stop"

All of these can be due to buoyancy control, or the lack of it. Most of us have seen the diver who leaves a dust cloud behind them as they swim, by controlling buoyancy better this can be avoided as well as the damage to bottom dwelling creatures and delicate corals.

As divers we are privileged and can enjoy a fascinating underwater world which few people have access to, but we should preserve what we see and avoid damage to it.

By having greater control in the water this become second nature.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Buoyancy Contro

Control is achieved by not being overweighed, this also often resolves the faster air consumption rates too. It also corrects body positioning to reduce the possibility of damage.

Overweighting is a common mistake made by many divers, and is easily rectified by taking the Peak Performance buoyancy course.

During this you will spend the time learning to be relaxed, using breath control and streamlining. By doing this you can swim slower and more controlled being able to stop without changing depth and look more graceful.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Buoyancy Control

There is a lot a games to play during the course, which allows you to become more automated about the breathing patterns needed for each situation, and it makes it pretty fun too.

The Peak Performance Buoyancy course is one of the most useful ones you can take, with every diver who completes it improving in air consumption, control and grace. This specialty is the one that has an effect on every aspect of diving, underwater photo’s improve with a the increased steadiness of the dive. Depth is maintained rather than exceeded with more control, safety stops are never a struggle, and enjoyment of the dive due to less disturbance of the marine life is increased.

So what are you waiting for, sign up  for your  Peak Performance Buoyancy  Speciality today………become a great diver and continue your adventure

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