Would you like to see an underwater photograph you have taken in Print around the world?

Good at taking underwater photos, but not quite sure if yours are good enough? No problem Scuba Cat Diving is here to help you………

Capture those perfect moments of the wonder and adventure of the underwater world with the Digital Underwater Photography specialty. Are you are a snorkeler, scuba diver or just an aquatic enthusiast? Do you want to capture those underwater memories for life? Maybe you already take pictures, do you want to improve their quality and learn from a professional? Well now you can with the DUP you will receive expert instruction on how to take the perfect picture. The Digital Underwater Photographer specialty course has made taking great photographs above and below the surface easier than ever. With the guidance of a Instructor you will develop your skills to easily obtain captivating underwater photos.

Take advantage of our Summer Specials……….

‘s Digital Underwater Photographer specialty will introduce you to the exclusive SEA Method of digital underwater photography – shoot, examine and adjust, and is available for divers, snorkelers and in fact anyone who loves to take pictures. There is no minimum age limit or experience required.

‘s Digital Underwater Photographer specialty course explains the fundamentals of underwater photography, from choosing a camera that suits your needs, helpful camera techniques, choosing your subjects wisely, and finally, learning to use software to maximise the quality of those photographs.

Submit your best underwater or diving lifestyle photo for t 2012 Member Card photo contest. You will have the opportunity to have your photograph, name and / or website printed on the 2012 Diving Society membership card used throughout the world!

Photos must be submitted by 22 September 2011.

Member Card 2012……………..It could be you???

Ask Sarah for more details………


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