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Two more Events for Patong in April

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The post-Songkran period with the beginning of monsoon season in Phuket generally starts seeing the decline in tourist arrivals. To entice more tourists to visit the islands in this period, TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) office in Phuket has agreed on two major events in Patong: those are Phuket Bike Week 14-21 April and Phuket Gay Pride 22-28 April 2013.

The 19th annual Phuket Bike Week 2013, taking place from 14 -21 April right after the world famous Songkran Festival (Thai New Year) at Patong Beach, is the biggest motorcycle event in Asian. The theme of this year is “ASEAN Ride Together”. It was expected to attract over 5,000 motorcycles with more than 30,000 visitors from 26 countries, bringing more than 600 million baths of revenue to the island. During 8 days 8 nights of the festival, there were so many activities happening in the town, especially at the main stage in Lomar Park on the Patong beach, the highlighted events could be named like Phuket Bike Week 2013 Motorcycle Exhibition & show, Royal Thai Navy show, Grand Opening, Biker Game and Bikers Beach Party, Miss Phuket Bike Week. Preventing Global Warming, Ride for Peace (Patong – Karon – Kata – Promthep Cape), Tattoo Contest and rock music festivals every night.

During the week, Patong inhabitants had chance to view many motorbikes riding in the town and yet perhaps were thrilled by the motorcycle engine sounds. Last weekend, People faced a long traffic jams on the beach road in the evenings when there were a huge load of people visiting the Lomar park to see the exhibitions and rock music performances. Additionally, many bars, pubs and clubs also joined the events and welcome the bikers by decorating the bike theme and especially play rock music at some nights.

As soon as the Phuket Bike Week ended, the colourful Phuket Gay Pride just kicked off on Monday evening. The event will last for one week from 22nd till 28th of April. Phuket Loves You (PLU) club is selected to organise this year’s pride celebration with the theme: SAME SAME NOT DIFFERENT. The 25 events are open to everyone from the Straight to Gay, Transgendered to Undecided. There are not only activities to celebrate the pride for LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered) but also target to raise 1,000,000 baths for charities during the Phuket Pride Week. PLU promised to make this event colourful, eccentric, outrageous, and full of fun. They strongly encourage the local and visitors to watch the Saturday parade and follow till the end at football pitch where there will be a big stage event with International DJ’s, Live show and performances.

Every day, there are things organised to attract the attention of community. PLU aims to make no profit but great fund thus the profits from the activities will fully or partly goes to the charities. Many great activities can be mentioned such as Pre-Pride pool Party at CC Hideaway, 10 pin bowling competition, Gay Quiz night, Pool competition by Kiss Bar &Sundowners, Grand Charity Auction at Backstage, Bachelor Bingo, Volleyball tournament, Mr Gay Fongkaew contest, Sunset beach party, Soi Paradise street party, big stage events and the must-see Grand Parade on Saturday.
Last year, 300,000 baht was raised for Phuket LGBT&HIV charities. This year, with the great supports from more businesses, PLU is excited to reach their target and create more fun for everyone.

“Men are different from women and children are different from adults. But we are all human beings and all deserve to have same rights and be respected in the same way. Therefore, we are “Same same NOT different””.

Eco – Helping to keep Patong Beach Clean

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Thanks you to Scuba Cat’s two new Divemaster’s Sarah and Cal who organised this mornings clean up on Patong Beach.

At 7.30 am this morning we met at Scuba Cat Diving in Soi Wattana, Patong.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Patong Eco Phuket


Just after 8.00am, after two cups of coffee we were ready to get to work!

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Eco Phuket

We arrived at Patong Beach and were each presented with a pair of “Orange” Rubber gloves and a black bin bag. Cal and Sarah arranged us into two teams, starting in the middle of the Beach and working away from the other team. We had 1 hour! Lek, one of Scuba Cats Drivers, was with us all to act as the collection point for the morning. Bottles, cigarette ends, used condoms!, to name a few things we found…… oh how we wish there were ashtrays and trash bins on the beach, what a difference that would make!!!!

Thanks to Sarah and Cal, Divemaster’s for organizing the morning, Bryan and Reidar for helping us during their IDC, Matt DMT and  Max, Ben and Thibault for joining us during their University Internship with Scuba Cat.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Eco Phuket

And of course a big thank you to the “Bin Men” from Patong, for helping us dispose of the Rubbish afterwards.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Eco Phuket

We realized an hour wasn’t long enough to really make a difference so we have decided to carry out a beach cleanup in Patong on a monthly basis as part of our IDC, along with our already scheduled monthly Underwater Cleanup.

If any one wishes to join us for either event please contact us for more details.

Kee Plaza Patong – Scuba Cat’s New Retail Dive Shop

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Take a look around the  Scuba Cat Diving Shop in the Kee Plaza, Patong Beach, Phuket

Better still come and see for yourself !!!!

Update on Patong, Phuket following the Tsunami Warning

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At approximately 4.00pm yesterday afternoon, 11th April 2012 we received a telephone call. That was to change the afternoon.

The husband of one of our staff called to ask if we had felt the earthquake which had happened in Indonesia and to warn us of a potential Tsunami. Then the Tsunami Warning towers let off their sirens……….

This put everyone in our Dive Shop on high Alert.

Kath, our ever loyal Tourleader from MV Scuba Adventure telephoned saying she was struggling to get down to the shop to prepare for the trip that was due to go out to the Similans that evening! We suggested she might like to stay at home!

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand MV Scuba Adventure Tourleader

The rest of the staff however stayed at the Scuba Cat Shop in Patong, it is in a 3 story townhouse and so we gathered all the customers, staff and unsure tourists and invited them to go and sit up on the roof terrace in safety away for the potential wave.

Jack was manning the telephones, assuring concerned callers from India and various other places around the world that we were all OK and we would keep them posted of any developments. A concerned customer who was due to go onto the Liveaboard trip that evening called, after speaking with him we advised him to stay the other side of the Hill in Kathu until he got the all clear to come over.

At the new Scuba Cat Diving Shop, Kee Plaza Patong, the staff were moved to safety at their roof top restaurant on the 7th Floor.

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Tsunami Update

Great news, all the staff and customers from both shops were accounted for.

The Scuba Cat Boats, MV Scuba Adventure and MV Scuba Sport were moved away from the Island and out into safety, Deep Open Water. Why? The ocean is deep. It is only when the wave comes close to shore when it is slowed down that the water is pushed upward into a huge wave. If they can get far enough out the wave, if it had happened would only have been a few feet high.

MV Scuba Fun had just returned from a day trip to King Cruiser, Shark Point and Koh Doc Mai. We quickly transported the customers to a hotel which was high up in the hills and waited with them for the all clear.

Then we were all surprised, Kath had walked for 40 minutes to get to us at the shop, she wanted to be with us and her customers for the Scuba Adventure trip. Ozzy, who lives in safety up in the hills above Nanai Road, had heard about the Tsunami alert when may people appeared outside his hilltop home and decided to come down and join us at the shop, figure that one!! Irish, need I say more!!!!

Everyone had been warned in Patong and the streets were cleared. Sean went down to the end of the Soi to see if the water was going out from the beach, there he met two Irish Ladies who had been caught up in the Thai staff leaving. At the time of the warning they were half way through having a haircut. The lady cutting their hair talked about the earthquake on Thai and then left, when Sean met them they had their hair half finished….. they were looking for a Pub to forget about their new hair styles.

Sean came back laughing and thought this was a great idea and promptly went and arranged beers for the staff and customers!!!!

The announced times of the Waves came and went without incident. We all proceeded to go down to the beach with our beers in hand, stupid I know but by this point we were all convinced the danger had passed.

This is what we saw………

Scuba Cat Diving Phuket Thailand Patong Beach

The streets were empty, no tuk tuks, no traffic, piece and quiet…………

About 7.00pm we made the decision with the Captain and Customers agreement the Scuba Adventure would proceed on her Cruise as scheduled. Big Smiles all round from a group of very happy customers.

A Big thank you to all the Staff and Customers at Scuba Cat Diving for their calm during the warning and a big thank you to Patong for having the Tsunami warning system ready and working for just an event.

Having been here during the Tsunami of 2004 it was reassuring to see the quick evacuation of a large resort town to safety…….. THANK YOU.

Today is a new day, MV Scuba Fun is at Racha Yai/Noi on her planned day trip, the Scuba Cat IDC continues and Songkran will be here tomorrow……………the soaking we expected this year!

Scuba Cat Diving, Earth Day 2011

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Earth Day 2011

Clean up the Reef

Calling all divers and water enthusiasts.

Take part in an activity that won’t cost the Earth for Project AWARE’s Dive For Earth Day 2011

Human activity is costing the Earth. And despite the oceans’ vast expanse it is taking its toll on marine eco systems.

Divers and water enthusiasts can choose an activity that won’t cost the earth by joining Scuba Cat Diving, Dive for Earth Day event, underwater clean up at Paradise beach, Patong on  24th April 2011

Our underwater environments are under numerous threats including pollution, climate change, overfishing, and coral bleaching. Dive for Earth Day is an extraordinary opportunity to take action and help address the underwater issues that concern you most.

Scuba Cat Diving in partnership with Project AWARE is organizing a:

Beach and Underwater Cleanup

Divers, snorkelers, their families and friends can help make a difference for local dive sites by calling Scuba Cat Diving on 076 293120, or visiting our shop on Patong Beach Road or sending us an email at

Launched in the United States on 22 April 1970, Earth Day has raised environmental awareness on a global scale. Since the 30th anniversary of Earth Day in 2000, Project AWARE has helped divers put aquatic issues on the Earth Day map. Thousands of diver volunteers in more than 115 countries have helped protect underwater environments and educate local communities for Project AWARE’s Dive for Earth Day.

Project AWARE Foundation is a nonprofit organisation working with divers to conserve underwater environments through education, advocacy and action. Visit to support your local office and participate in environmental activities to make a lasting difference.

Contact: Scuba Cat Diving

Phone: 076 293120