Scuba Cat Diving, Earth Day 2011

Earth Day 2011

Clean up the Reef

Calling all divers and water enthusiasts.

Take part in an activity that won’t cost the Earth for Project AWARE’s Dive For Earth Day 2011

Human activity is costing the Earth. And despite the oceans’ vast expanse it is taking its toll on marine eco systems.

Divers and water enthusiasts can choose an activity that won’t cost the earth by joining Scuba Cat Diving, Dive for Earth Day event, underwater clean up at Paradise beach, Patong on  24th April 2011

Our underwater environments are under numerous threats including pollution, climate change, overfishing, and coral bleaching. Dive for Earth Day is an extraordinary opportunity to take action and help address the underwater issues that concern you most.

Scuba Cat Diving in partnership with Project AWARE is organizing a:

Beach and Underwater Cleanup

Divers, snorkelers, their families and friends can help make a difference for local dive sites by calling Scuba Cat Diving on 076 293120, or visiting our shop on Patong Beach Road or sending us an email at

Launched in the United States on 22 April 1970, Earth Day has raised environmental awareness on a global scale. Since the 30th anniversary of Earth Day in 2000, Project AWARE has helped divers put aquatic issues on the Earth Day map. Thousands of diver volunteers in more than 115 countries have helped protect underwater environments and educate local communities for Project AWARE’s Dive for Earth Day.

Project AWARE Foundation is a nonprofit organisation working with divers to conserve underwater environments through education, advocacy and action. Visit to support your local office and participate in environmental activities to make a lasting difference.

Contact: Scuba Cat Diving

Phone: 076 293120



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