Beaches of Phuket

Phuket is a large island with a wide choice of beaches to suit every taste and requirement. Most of the beaches are located on the west coast of the island. The quieter beaches tend to be found towards the island's northwestern coastline, while the greatest concentration of hotels shops and restaurants are located around Patong Beach and stretches south towards Karon Beach and Kata Beach.

South Coast Beaches

Everywhere on Phuket Island is beautiful , the southern part of the island is straight out of a tropical daydream. The southern coastline is blessed with magnificent mountains covered with lush jungle forest stretching out to meet the azure blue sea and are framed with white powder sandy beaches and fringed with coral reefs. When you see a photograph of Phuket, it is likely to have been taken in the south part of the Island. The southern beaches offer superb vistas and some of the most glorious sunsets in the world. The South Coast Area covers the part of the island that lies from Patong Beach on the west and then across the island to include the Cape Panwa area. Many of the best hotels and restaurants in Phuket and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are located here.

North Beaches

Taking a tour of the northern beaches of Phuket will certainly be leaving the crowds behind. The north part of the island is less developed and gets only a tiny fraction of the visitors to Phuket. Many of those waiting to be loaded like cattle on to a boat and shipped off to Phi-Phi Island or one of the other tourist Islands seeking a remote Island experience would be well advised to keep their feet dry and drive for an hour to the north end of Phuket Miles of unspoiled beaches and good food await you. The rugged beauty of the northern beaches can only be enhanced by the feeling of having them all to yourself.

As you travel north you will encounter beaches dominated with casuarina pine trees rather than palm trees. These unusual trees are like a natural beach umbrella and offer cool shade from the blistering tropical sun and a if you listen carefully they, make slight singing sound as they sway to the call of the offshore breezes. Expect a quiet enchanting experience if you break away from the crowd and visit the north end of the island. The North Coast Area covers the part of the island that lies from Kalim Beach on the west all the way up to Mai Khao Beach.