Ya Nui Beach

Yanui Beach - Phuket, one of Phuket 's small secrets. To get there follow the road from Promthep Cape to the west. Between Promthep and the wind energy plant watch out for a small restaurant with a small parking lot. A few meters behind the restaurant you can see the beach.

Yanui is not a beach for snorkeling parasailing, jet skis or European restaurants. Instead a beach for those of you seeking a quiet but not deserted beach. The scenery is beautiful, tucked between two hills and a small island so close that you can almost swim out to it, or better do like many others and rent a kayak, 100-150 bah/hour, for closer look of this mysterious island.

Ya Nui Beach

The beach itself is nothing to write home about, but white sand is not everything. Clear water and good location count more! There are even a couple of restaurants and bungalows in the area.

Snorkeling here is nothing special even if lots of tourists are spotted wearing a mask and snorkel. You will certainly see fish, this is after all Phuket, but don't expect to see that much corals, try nearby Ao Sehn Beach instead. When we talk about fish, a sign at the beach in Thai say's 'no fishing'. I don't think any Thais has seen the sign since the area next to the beach is a popular fishing spot.

If you have never been to Phuket before you would have a hard time to find any evidence of the tsunami, but Yanui is an exception and there is nothing wrong about that. Better to have a real tsunami memory than man-made multimillion sculptures.

Considering Ya Nui's proximity to many of Phuket hotels in the south of the island, the beach still remains as one of Phuket's better kept secrets.