Patong Beach

Patong (means "the forest filled with banana leaves" in thai) Beach is on Phuket's west coast and to the town adjoining it. It is the main tourist resort in Phuket. Patong is the most famous - some would say infamous - beach resort on Phuket. With its wide variety of activities and nightlife, Patong is an ideal place to party and play.

It contains an important centre of Phuket's nightlife and is the centre of shopping on the island. The beach became popular with western tourists, especially Europeans, in the late 1980s. Numerous large hotels and chain hotels are now located in Patong.

Patong Beach

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Patong has the largest concentration of visitors on Phuket Island. Set in a deep, well protected bay that has long been used to shelter ships from the northeast monsoons. Patong offers a tropical beach ringed with lush green mountains. The bay is nearly3 km of gently curving crescent of white sand, suitable for every kind of water sport or a great place to people-watch as you soak up the sun on a beach chair. It is the most developed of all Phuketís beaches, almost solidly lined with hotels bungalow complexes and a concentration of restaurants, shops and night-spots appealing to all tastes. It is not recommended for those in search of tranquility but definitely suitable for those looking for a lively holiday.


Nightlife is centered on two main areas Bangla Road and Paradise Complex, with Bangla Road being predominantly straight and Paradise Complex being predominantly gay. Much mixing of the two scenes occurs due to Phuket Islandís tolerant nature. Once known as the sleazy, red light district of Phuket, Patong has gone via a period of transformation in recent years. The area's once notorious nightlife has been somewhat tamed to make it friendlier to women, couples and families and Patong now has something for everyone. That's not to say that you can't find some wild action anymore - you certainly can - but it does mean that a much wider variety of entertainment options exist to make your nights in Phuket as much fun as your days.


If you love food, you will love Phuket There are restaurants to suit every taste serving a huge selection of western and Asian food. The variety of cuisine and dining experiences is one of the major attractions of the island. You can eat breakfast at your hotel, lunch at a local noodle stall by the roadside, and have dinner with fine wines in a sophisticated air-conditioned restaurant.

Fancy a snack in between? One of the wonderful characteristics of Thailand is the reverence for food and eating, so you can eat at almost any time of the day. Tropical fruit, banana fritters, barbecue chicken and sticky rice? It's all here... While Thai food is renowned world-wide for its wonderful flavours and fresh ingredients, Phuket is especially famous for its seafood, and you don't have to empty your bank account to enjoy the most sumptuous of dishes.