Nui Beach

Nui Beach - Phuket this little remote beach just south of the Kata viewpoint, offers the opportunity to enjoy a quiet idyllic beach only a few minutes drive from the busy resort areas of Phuket.

The catch is that its one of the most difficult beaches to get to. It is a small adventure to reach the beach but well worth it as there are few people due to its remote location. The dirt road down to the beach is very steep and should only be attempted with a 4x4 vehicle or trail bike.

You should drive the red dirt track for about 1 km, when the road starts to drop down, park and walk the rest of the way or call for a Quad bike to drive you down to the beach. The phone numbers to the "taxi" are: 081-7886339, 081-9782910. The part leading down to the beach is very steep and the walk back can be very tiring.

Unfortunately there is another catch when going to Nui beach. Nui Beach is together with Freedom Beach the most expensive beach in Phuket An entrance fee of 250 Baht per adult person and 125 Baht for a child is mandatory for all guests. For that you get a drink for free (excluding cocktails) and a sunbed if you are lucky since there is a shortage of sunbeds. A longtail boat from Kata Noi will cost you 800 - 1500 baht for two persons (depending on who you go with). On top of that is expensive food and drinks. Singha 90 Baht, Tom-Yum Goong 180 Baht.

At the beach entrance you pay the fee and walk down to a beach fringed with palm trees, where large rocks divide the beach in two parts. Although all beaches in Thailand are public property, access to the beach is over private land, which means the landowner can charge people to get to the beach.

For some this is a small price to pay for a beautiful secluded beach, where you don't have to listen to the whir of jet-skis or be bothered by vendors. Lately more buildings has been constructed making the beach less beautiful, but still very nice.

At Nui beach you can relax without being disturbed by jet skies, speedboats or beach vendors. And unlike Freedom beach there are no longtails boat anchored up on the beach itself. Jump out in the water without worrying about that a longtail boat propel will shorten your vacation.

Overlooking the beach is a small bar with perfect view of the bay and the beach underneath. Further back is a thai restaurant with a view of the bay and part of the beach Thai massage, fresh water shower and toilet facilities are also available. Out in the bay are a bamboo raft with chairs where swimmers can relax.

Nui Beach is very different from the larger tourist beaches like Surin Beach, Patong Beach, Karon Beach, Kata Beach and Nai Harn Beach. Nui Beach is more relaxed, much more difficult to visit, it's a lot smaller and the sand is not soft and white. But even if the beach itself is not the most beautiful in Phuket the view are stunning as it is surrounded by steep green hills in a small bay.