Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach - Phuket is one of the best beaches in Phuket but is only accessible by a longtail boat. It should not take much more than 10 mins to reach it. There is a road going there, but a locked gate prevents tourists from driving to the beach.

It is one of the most beautiful beaches with fine white sand. It can't get any cleaner and the people that are running the beach make sure it stay so. It is a private beach but as long as you not arrive on a jet ski access is granted by the owner.

Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach is located in a small cove south of Patong, at the foot of a lush green hill where sunbeds are placed under the palm trees and not directly on the beach itself, leaving the beach mostly empty. While you laze around on the beach you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and magnificient rock formations that guard the entrance to the bay.

The beach has facilities like a small restaurant, modern toilets and showers. Freedom Beach was hit hard by the tsunami and lots of corals in shallow water was destroyed. Now the corals are back, they are still very small but with time Freedom should have a healthy coral reef. The beach mostly has crystal clear water with lots of colorful fish swimming close to the beach so don't forget your mask and fins. If Freedom has a bad day with less clear water, you can swim out 20-30 meters where the water visibility are much better.

Freedom is one of the most expensive beaches in Phuket, but then the beach will never be overcrowded! To get there rent a longtail boat at Patong.