The Similan Islands - Breakfast Bend, Similan Islands #9

Breakfast Bend derives its name from the beautiful early morning light here, and the coral is still in great shape despite damage to the southern areas of Island 9 due to the Asian tsunami in 2004. There are larger but less frequent corals on the steep reef slope where plate corals dominate. Orange jewel fairy basslets in staghorn coral at Breakfast Bend.

The easy paced nature of this dive means it's an obvious dive site for a check-out dive at the beginning of your Similans dive trip, and there are lots of sergeant majors darting around making it an ideal site for snorkellers. The reef slope drops to 18 metres then steep banks descend further to 34 metres where you can see black-spot garden eels. In the shallows, leopard sharks are seen resting in the sand and often octopus may be found lurking in the vicinity.

At the southern most point of the dive the reef gives way to large boulder formations lying in deeper water. There are few corals here, but due to the stronger currents in this more exposed area, there is a good chance to see cobia and larger tuna species that frequent the Similan Islands in search of food. The rocks form several small swim-throughs and channels where you may be lucky to find resting white-tip reef sharks.

breakfast bend

breakfast bend marine life

Breakfast Bend Reef Basics:

Depth: 5 - 34m

Visibility: 20 - 40m

Currents: Gentle

Experience Level: Easy

Diving Season: October to May

Scuba Cat Diving have adopted this reef for 2008. Please help us to care for it by carrying out surveys and keeping the reef in general good health aboard MV Scuba Cat and MV Scuba Adventure Liveaboard this season.