The Similan Islands - Three Trees

On the northeast corner of this island, Three trees or Batfish Bend has fantastic diversity, it is identified by the Three distinctive trees on the island marking the start point of the dive.

The dive starts with a 8m shelf which sloped down to around 18m in the sand, if you cross the sand for around 20m you will find boulder formations which go down to 30m and many coral blocks on the way to them.

In the sand stingrays are common, as are garden eels. The boulders sometimes have leopard sharks around them. In the coral blocks on the sand look for the many cleaning stations with white stripe cleaning and Durban dancing shrimp.

Once back to the reef, which is, hard coral and whip corals, look for the many grouper, trigger fish and for the four napoleon Wrasse that are frequently spotted on this reef.

Long fin batfish are a visitor to this site, with them often following you for the dive as you make your way along the reef. In the shallow area look for the milkfish and hawksbill turtles that frequent the area.

three trees

three trees turtle