Similan Islands - Donald Duck Bay- Koh Similan - Island No.8

Easily the most recognizable and photographed landmark in the Similan’s, Donald Duck Bay is named after a rock on the north side of the bay that resembles the cartoon character - not the most prominent large boulder that balances precariously at a seemingly impossible angle, known as sail rock, but another rock in front and slightly further out of the bay. It has several friendly, large green turtles and you are more than likely to come across them. Unfortunately, they have developed a taste for bananas as some of the boats feed them to attract tourists.

Similan Island No. 8 has a national park camping area and Donald Duck Bay on the northwest corner is the most popular mooring spot for day trippers and Similan Islands liveaboards alike. Consequently, some food makes its way into the bay and so the mollusks, and crustaceans are particularly well fed and large-sized here. This makes for good night diving.

Scurrying across the rubble bottom are huge bull crabs, red octopus and cuttlefish. The most interesting section of the dive site is the boulders running out of the bay on the northern edge.

These form several swim-throughs, and house emperor shrimps, red round crabs, decorator crabs, triton shells and cone shells.

donald duck bay turtle

donald duck bay beach