The Similan Islands - Elephant Head

Elephant Head (Hin Pousar in Thai)- This is probably the most famous dive site in the Similan Islands,located between Island 7 (Koh Payu) and Island 8 (Koh Similan).

With three large rocks breaking the surface these granite boulders run down to over 50 meters. This is dramatic dive. Not too much coral growth but the way the boulders are piled on top of each other has left an intricate web of tunnels and swim- throughs. Large overhangs with oriental sweetlips and harlequin sweetlips which are only found in the Andaman Sea hang around in small groups to escape the currents.

Coming in and out of the tunnels keep an eye open for the colorful clown triggerfish and the white tip reef sharks resting on the bottom. Currents can be quite strong sometimes but this makes for an exciting and fun dive.

Elephant Head - Oriental Sweetlips

Elephant Head - Clown Trigger