The Similan Islands - Deep Six - Koh Payu

Deep Six lies on the northern tip of Island 7 and has a buoy line running down to 18 meters there as the name implies you can descend down to over 60 meters. Here the dramatic underwater boulders have formed some excellent swim throughs, tunnels and canyons that make this an exciting dive.


But down in the soft coral garden the largest gorgonian sea fans in the Similans survive untouched. Large barrel sponges add more to the "bigness" of this dive.

If you do the dive as a deep one, look out in the sand area for sleeping leopard sharks, and hunting reef sharks. Stingrays are found out here too and often a turtle passing by.

The site has many swim-throughs, the centre of the dive site has many passing in and out of a coral garden that is protected form currents. Here do look under the ledges formed by boulders meeting each other as often nurse or bamboo sharks are found there.

Many clown triggerfish can be spotted here along with tuna and blue fin trevally.

Either side of the main boulder site is shallower table coral reefs where the safety stops can be completed.

Currents can be strong here so it attracts many schooling fish and some of the larger palegics.

Deep Six

Gorgonian Sea Fan