The Similan Islands - West of Eden

West of Eden is on the west side of island number 7 and is a boulder site. On the rocks there are many gorgonian sea fans, anemones, soft corals and feather stars.


The boulders can be covered in glassfish, which attract the blue fin trevally in to hunt them.


The site starts at around 12m and descends to 35m where it has a rubble and sand bottom. Look out for the rock mover wrasse here working in pairs to find their meals, many nudibranchs and fire gobies.

The site has some unusual creatures too, with many giant and painted frogfish being sited over the years, along with ribbon eels and ghost pipefish.


On the boulders look for the encrusting coral with the distinctive holes where the egg cowries have been eating away at them, hawksbill turtles are seen in the often as are spiny lobster.

west of eden marine life

west of eden