The Similan Islands - No.3 - Koh Payan Sharkfin Reef

Normally three of the mostly submerged pinnacles can be seen from the surface giving the dive site its name. The reef is the largest in Similan and covers approximately 1km lying south east of island 3 and reaching Boulder City.


The site is made up mainly of huge boulders covered in gorgonian sea fans, tree coral and some bright pink anemone’s, the boulders reach a depth of 35 to 40m. The southern side of the reef is steeper and deeper than the north side, which has more coral growth. There is a large swim through that allows you to go to the other side of the reef. The boulder formations provide many swim throughs along the whole dive site.


Marine life here differs a little from the other sites as you can find hump head parrot fish and large napoleon wrasse.  Also bigger than normal, cube boxfish are common here.  In the sand many khule’s stingrays are present with the occasional larger Jenkins ray found.


Some of the bigger pelagic life can also be found with trevally and tuna passing by and also the occasional manta ray.

shark fin reef - turtle

shark fin reef - parrot fish